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Are Machine Learning Certifications worth it and which are the best ones out there? There are a lot of new machine learning certifications out on the Internet and you might be wondering which one will truly help you land that machine learning or data science role. In this video, I explain in detail exactly how some top machine learning certifications are structured. I also explain which one’s are worth it and why they might be worth it for certain people and why they might not be.

A well-known machine learning certificate will add a tremendous amount of value to your resume when apply to machine learning roles, ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a traditional computer science degree. However combined with a degree in computer science, it will truly make you an asset.

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Sumit Kumar says:

Hey Samitha can I ask you a question
A arts background student can do AI Machine learning course please suggest

Krish says:

Please make a video on best free certificates

Mithun Saha 1431434672 says:

What about Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course offered by Coursera??

The Gr8 1 says:

Out of the four would you recommend the Cornell certificate for someone with no background in machine learning? Looking to change career fields

Klipkon says:

Appart from TensorFLow, what other framewokrs are there?

prathamesh Gawade says:

Ya mind linking the certificates here?

Mr.Kudukuduppu says:

Hi , I am an UI developer, can I go into ML?, Pls tell me , ist possible or not

GitGud! says:

is the IBM AI Engineering Professional Certificate worth it?

Mohit Saini says:

I have done graduation in Mechanical. Will it be benficial to go for certification for ML or Masters in Computers to get a good job.

bhaskar k says:

Hi Smitha, Thanks for sharing the info about ML Certifications. I recently heard about the Google Professional ML Engineer certification. Can you provide insight on this one.. Is it recommended complete both Google Professional ML Engineer and Google Tensorflow Certifications ? How they are different from each other. Your feed back will be very helpful.

James Rogers says:

Useful video. Good sound quality too

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