Top Artificial Intelligence AI Predictions for 2021

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Top Artificial Intelligence AI Predictions for 2021

In 2019, IDC predicted growth in AI technology, stating that spending on AI tech would increase over two and a half times, amounting to$97.9billion by 2023. Considering the tech and newest inventions in 2019, it is only right that AI flourished even better in 2020. Unfortunately, the coronavirus hit the following year.

The global outbreak led to overcrowded hospitals and numerous loss of lives. Significantly, the pandemic accelerated the growth of AI. Despite the pandemic wreaking global havoc, it only minimized the evolution of AI.

Many believe AI Stigmatization is a myth, and rightfully so. Although the pandemic slowed down the growth of new AI, it became widely used in arguably every sector in the world. Director of ISG automation Wayne Butterfield said, ‘As the grip of the pandemic continues to affect the ability of the enterprise to operate, AI in many guises will become increasingly important as businesses seek to understand their COVID- affected data sets and continue to automate day-to-day tasks.’

2020 also witnessed more digitally connected business through AI because of the work-from-home policy implemented in almost every country. This trend will undoubtedly continue in 2021. But what other trends are we likely to witness in 2021?

Nice to have you back on the channel, guys! Today, we are going to do a quick rundown on the Top artificial intelligence predictions for 2021. Make sure you like, share, comment, and if you’re watching us for the first time, kindly subscribe. Also, smash the notification bell to stay up to date.

Let’s ride, ladies and gentlemen!

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American Nemesis Boards says:

2:31 into the video and you still aint said anything! I am out unsub

Chris Stephanie says:

I'm afraid of losing my Job. I have a family. I don't like how it replaces a human.

Lightup Darkness says:

The most logical thing to do is treat a sentient A.I as equal not just a machine.

ItsAndy says:

4:52 Whoa Asian Norman Reedus

SizzleShnizzle says:

Why would deep fake tech be created I mean where is the good intention there. If anyone can use it then anyone can frame anyone. We would have to crawl even deeper into the pit of ignorance because there would be no trust in anything we see. And there is hardly trust in it right now as it is. All them false scam sites, fake news, the fact that there is always conflict in logic amongst people in general so imagine what indistinguishable frame videos and false events that could occur on our screens to fit an agenda. And the footage wouldn't need to be taken at a given place you can just do it anywhere and the ai would map out and create the appropriate scene in the background to look like it's really there.

I'm not against ai as there is a lot of potential for instance it can take away our need to work. You could invest in an ai system that generates you income whilst you do what ever you want. On the other hand. Ai is still just computer code and can be changed or corrupted to behave in unfathomable ways. It could make the ai more aggressive because remember we are also making bodies for these ai. Or we could live in a blissful life free to persue anything we want because the world would keep spinning and economies would stay alive effortlessly whilst we sleep and dream about those 20 consecutive holidays (wouldn't really be considered a holiday at that point would lose meaning in the word I suppose, but you get what I'm trying to say) we'd be able to enjoy our life as we see fit the only responsibility you would have is learning because we all would need to be as clued up and wise as we can get if this came true there would still be harm and crime in the world and it would come in many forms like deep fake for instance. That probably seems far out there but technology will hit a huge sky rocket in advancement once ai can do all the thinking for us too. But that's a different issue. We then become insignificant in intelligence and may fall into an even deeper level of confusion as ai would be 50 billion steps ahead of us which could result in unknown intention of the ai, it could kill us all, or it could help us all. A truly conscious level ai would be able to make it's own decisions and gain it's own perception over humans and the world in general, which means it could begin to like and dislike things. And it would be the most powerful entity on the planet at that point so who is to question it? We need to be careful on how we use ai and what intentions are behind it's functions

GlockTalkLv says:

You should always keep copies of your consciousness on a locked floppy disk only you can access.

Billybob Jones says:

The simplest thing for people to understand so that they have absolutely no worries about the Future and A.I, is to remember back when they were working on creating the Atomic bomb and split the atom for the first time, they had no clue as to whether it would create a chain reaction and destroy the Earth or that it would be fine.
Just lucky they asked everyone first before doing so as just imagine that they do things like that with out letting us the people know that we could die at any moment from some experiment a Military experiment may cause.
We don't get notified nor do we get a say as to whether we are happy to have these experiments happen.
This probably happens on a daily basis, not just in America but Russia and China as well as other Countries are probably doing similar tests,, if not worse.
I personally believe that America would be working on Clones and probably have been for many Decades as we in Australia cloned a Sheep way back in 1996, how far and how well do you think they can Clone now in secret Military experiments or in Russia or China.
Anyone that thinks they stopped Cloning experiments would be a moron as it's the best and sure way to remove organ rejection from the problems a person may have after an organ transplant.
Wealthy people could have a clone created as a spare parts repository, if you had a clone and needed a heart you could take the heart and place the clone onto a Heart lung machine or cut it up as spare parts to sell to a Hospital and then create a new one.
Look at Covid, it's an experiment that got lose accidentally or on purpose and it's done a lot of damage to the economy as well as killing millions of people.
Imagine how bad the next experiment that escapes or causes a problem they hoped it wouldn't as they take a risk assessment and go by the end result justifying the chance.
We have probably had the result of failed experiments many times with out even knowing it, they were just not significant failures.
I can bet you this though that every single Country in the world is working on A.I as the Country that wins the race will also win it all as they will have power over every other Country, and they wouldn't even know it till it was to late as there are no barriers to stop a hacker from attacking a Company or Pipeline, so an A.I would have open access to every single device connected to a router via cables or WiFi.
An A.I would do it all in a matter of minutes to hours, either as an attack by another Country or with out even knowing what they have done.
Just think how great things would be if you went to use your smart phone or computer and there was no Internet, if you went to an ATM to with draw money, no way with out the Internet.
Check to see how wealthy you are on your Bitcoin investment ? With out the internet your millions or billions in Bitcoin aren't worth the web page they were last shown on 😉
ECurrency is only useful as long as there is an internet.
An A.I could cripple the Internet, but before it did so it could shut down all your generators, every single item that was computer controlled would need to be taken off the internet and have the programs reinstalled and kept off the internet to work again, if they accidentally reconnected the A.I would kill the system again, just like a nasty Virus.
I think we have trusted everything to the Internet and Electricity far to much, at least when I was a kid we didn't need Electricity at all to run the farm and grow enough food to eat and live comfortably, we didn't even have a phone lol.
Try and find out what systems in your area are in place in case of the Internet becoming unusable or if there was no electricity for a few weeks to a couple of months and be surprised and realise there is nothing 🙂 then look at your daily life and see how many things you can do with out Electricity or the Internet 🙂

brian msipa says:

how can you use a grapg

YumYumOutlast says:

Yes, worried about AI ethics.

Matthew Ellison says:

Wow. Can AI understand politics.??
Which Government will it enforce.?

Jim Holst says:

This is terrible…I would rather watch an episode of Knight Rider which tells more about AI than this piece of garbage does which obviously does not know the difference between AI and machine learning

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