Top 10 Data Science Companies to Work For!

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Data science consulting companies are a hot choice if you’re looking for a job in the field. They offer numerous development opportunities, access to the latest technologies, and provide data-based solutions for top-notch companies across the globe.

Furthermore, on top of generous salaries, they seem to have tons of cool perks – from unlimited vacation days and free meals to hair salons and masseuses on site.

This doesn’t make your choice any simpler, though. With so many industries and companies out there, it’s hard to keep track of who-offers-what-and-where.

So, watch this video to find out which companies provide the best overall employee experience!

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Pan Artur says:

Great video ! Thank you for such detailed information!

Danish Sharma says:

Why every company is asking for experience, what a fresher can do

Deependra Singh says:

Our management consultancy services provide you with a new perspective on your business as we analyse which areas of the business can be enhanced to drive sustainable operational efficiency improvements.
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Christopher Orosz says:

are any of these publicly traded?

Karthik Paranthaman says:

Great video! What are tips to find a data science job without experience. Let's just say an electrical engineer with more than 3 years of experience and got a online data analytics degree through online from a reputed university. Looking forward to change the career domain to data science.

paresh jain says:

What about in India?

Balakrishna Prasad says:

very inspirational one

Engismail Tech says:

Can i work in those companies my home

Pratik Singh says:

ohh..Bain and company is one 1 , posted previous comment without wathching this part.

Pratik Singh says:

My Friend left BCG as there was no work life balance , now he is in Bain & Company which is better.

Pratik Singh says:

@05:10 its Gurgaon

365 Data Science says:

Complete Data Science Online Training Program. Earn a data science degree at your own pace.
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#data #science #companies #career #firms #scientist

Celestia TheLast says:

What should i study to be a Data Scientist ? Mathematics, Computer Science, Business Administration???

Mohsin Salati says:

Very nice and informative….

Nurik Nazarmambetov says:

Can I become a data scientist with my math degree and 0 yrs of experience?

maria doncheva says:

Great video! So many possibilities!

Dhaval Bhatt says:

Very well written video. I’m a Masters student and currently looking for opportunities in Data Science. This 5 minutes just pushed me to work and search better. The feeling I’m leaving with, Thanking you guys is not enough.

mad nomad says:

Awesome. Thx for video. I watch it from Tashkent. Make more . Go ahead.

Aiden Still says:

What do I need to know to build a deep learning framework? please tell me the courses and books.

DMT says:

10. ADDEPTO 0:59
9. ScienceSoft 1:31
8. Mu Sigma 2:02
7. Palantir 2:27
6. IBM 3:12
5. Cloudera 3:49
4. Accenture Analytics 4:15
3. Quantum black 4:51
2. BCG Gamma 5:25
1. BAIN 6:28

Dương Quốc Vương says:

Hope Microsoft is in the list ^^

Iliya Valchanov says:

Nice video! Blog link had more info though

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