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In this video on the top 10 AI robots in 2023, we will cover the most advanced AI robots in the world. Powered by artificial intelligence, Robotics has seen massive growth in the past half-decade. Thanks to AI-powered robots, the distant reality of robots in daily life gets closer every day. Learn about the 10 best AI robots functioning today.

00:00 Top 10 AI Robots in 2023
01:12 AIBO – The Robot dog
01:43 Spot
02:16 Surena IV
02:50 Aquanaut
03:30 Struntronic
04:12 Flippy
04:43 Sophia
05:19 Atlas
05:54 Pepper
06:23 Ameca

Ever wondered how google maps can provide the fastest route almost instantly? Have you ever considered the speed and accuracy of virtual bots like Google Assistant or Siri? All of them are powered by artificial technology, AI for short. Riding on the data science hype train, the global AI market is projected to grow from around 87 billion dollars in 2021 to nearly 1600 billion dollars by 2030. AI has impacted almost all sectors of the IT domain, but its significance in the robotics industry is unmatched. Even Tesla has announced a new humanoid named Optimus, recently built to perform daily activities and help in Tesla factories. In today’s video, let’s go through some of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence based robots paving the way for a faster and smarter future in 2023. These top 10 AI Robots in 2023 will act as the face of robotics for the upcoming decade, allowing artificial intelligence to further empower robotics.

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