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This video by Simplilearn is based on the Top 10 AI Companies For 2022. In this video, we will unravel the Top Artificial Intelligence Companies To Watch In 2022. These well-established companies have set the standards for AI and ML in the current IT Industry and are proving their caliber time and again by utilizing the true potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This video covers the Top 10 AI Companies For 2022 in the following list below.

Google AI

Google AI is a division of Google dedicated to artificial intelligence. CEO Sundar Pichai announced it at Google I/O 2017; Google AI has its headquarters in California

Meta AI

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, is innovating an advanced way of social interaction. Meta has integrated Artificial intelligence, and it’s being called the Meta AI.


DataBricks LakeHouses combine data warehouses’ reliability, performance, and governance with the openness and flexibility of data lakes.


The Alexa maker, Amazon, is one of the tech giants interested in adopting AI into its various divisions.


DataRobot has its headquarters in Boston. It is one of the AI Cloud leaders providing a unified platform to its cloud users to accelerate the delivery of AI to the cloud.


Microsoft integrated AI into its cloud computing. Microsoft’s AI Platform provides robust solutions to cloud-related problems;

Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere is a global robotics automation and software company founded in the year 2003. The company headquarters is located in San Jose California.


While others are busy trying to revolutionize mankind with AI, AMP Robotics came up with an innovative idea that happens to be a kind gesture of gratitude towards nature.


Viz-AI focuses on implementing Artificial Intelligence to diagnose and detect abnormalities in the human body via CT, CTA, MRI, X-Ray, EKG, Ultrasound, etc.

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