Tim Urban – Human Progress, AI, and Moving to Mars

Tim Urban

Since he started writing the long-form, stick figure-illustrated blog Wait But Why in 2013, Tim Urban has become one of the Internet’s most popular writers. Urban, according to Fast Company, has “captured a level of reader engagement that even the new-media giants would be envious of.” Vox describes Urban’s articles as “a feast. At the end, you feel sated, like you just learned the ___ out of something, like you get something in a way you didn’t before…you will understand the world better for reading them.”

As Urban has taken off as a writer, requests for him to speak have steadily increased. He has done talks at companies including Facebook, Chartbeat and Thumbtack; schools such as MIT, Brown and Wharton; and conferences including Effective Altruism in Mountain View, Social Media Week in New York and Sweden’s Øredev. After Øredev, conference head Anders Janmyr tweeted that Urban’s talk was “the best keynote in years.” Urban recently spoke at TED2016 in Vancouver.

Like his writing, Urban’s talks span many topics, involve stick figures and combine depth and impact with humor and entertainment to delight and inspire his audiences.

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