This Video Changed the Way I Feel About Robots Taking Over The World

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Being a homeowner can sometimes feel like having a series of extra jobs you didn’t realize you signed up for. It may even feel more like your house owns you rather than the other way around.

Give yourself a break. Fire yourself from all of those extra jobs and hire Vivint Smart Home to take care of all those extra jobs for you.

Learn more about how Vivint can simplify your home experience through home security and smart home technology:


Agency: Harmon Brothers
Creative Director: Shane Rickard
Co-Creative Director: Daniel Harmon
Agency Managing Director: Benton Crane
Director of Accounts: Theron Harmon
Producer: James Dayton
Line Producers: Tiffani Barth, Josh Stofferahn
Writers: Jonny Vance, Kellen Erskine, Dave Vance, Whitney Meek
Director: A. Todd Smith
Unit Production Manager: Tiffani Barth
1st AD: Sohrab Mirmont
2nd AD: Evan Lai-Hipp
Key PA/B-Unit 1st AD: Mario DeAngelis
Director of Photography: Tyler Stevens, Casey Wilson
Production Designer: Chris Kelley
1st AC: Paul Green
Gaffer: Phil Shepherd Key Grip: Steve Madsen
Grips: Paul Hunt, Nic Fitzgerald
Wardrobe: Kathy Eckenbreckt
Location Scout: Cami Fountaine
Hair/Makeup: Maika Taylor, Cynthia Shelley
Special FX: Ryan Roundy
Editor/Script Supervisor: Kaitlin Snow
VFX Supervisor: Tyler Stevens Graphics Lead: Nick Ritter
VFX Artists: Nick Ritter, Josh Badger
Motion Graphics Artists: Bryson Alley, Tyler Stevens
Graphic Design/Illustration: Brett Crockett
Production Sound: David Adamic, Bryan Densley Sound Design: Jacob Edvalson
Behind The Scenes: Mike Henderson, Braden Storrs
Casting: Lisa Marie Dupree, Jeff Johnson
Dad: Kris Flanagan
Mom: Jaclyn Hales
Teenage Daughter: Cora Stone
Brittany: Ryann Bingham
5-Year-Old Son: Kenyon Stinger
Boyfriend: Zeke Cohen
Competitive Salesman: Matt Mattson

Nate Randall: Chief Marketing Officer
Scott Neuner: Sr. Director, Digital Marketing
Jeff Lyman: SVP, Product Experience
Kate Dunaway: Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing


Vivint says:

You spend so much time taking care of your home — what if your home took care of you?
Fire yourself and hire Vivint to take care of all the extra jobs that come with being a homeowner. Learn more:

Noodlenado782 says:

Who else saw this as an ad and just had to find the video to comment on it? 😁
"It makes you immortal till you die" 😂😝

odalis medrano says:

Best commercial I've seen. No I haven't added "yet" that's how sure I am that I will never see a better commerical. Thank you Vivint.

Lurrie Lee says:

Now THIS is how you do advertising! Whoever worked on this script needs a raise, I watched this entire ad on my 3-minute video, and it ended up being better than the video itself… Awesome!

Maple Maple says:

Ok, this ad was actually pretty good

Gunner 22 says:

Lol even the birth of your grandchildren

Chaotic-Good Artistry says:

(is cooking bacon)
(bacon starts smoking)
(fire alarm goes off)
(can't find phone to turn it off)
(fire department shows up)

Swan Arima says:

Hey is emily home?
NO MHUHAHAA locks the door and turns of the lights

Jmcgee1125 says:

This is great.

Berenice Caruthers says:

Super funny and easy way to understand all that Vivint offers. Great job!

Basement_gnome says:

Looks like a super bowl commercial lol

Matt Jones says:

HEE_LARY_US !! I just may have to get this system

FakePro says:

It's all cool but the fire alarm automatically calling 911? What if it's just my cooking?

Sarah says:

I never write comments but… Vivint SmartHome has done WONDERS for me and my family. We use our system up to 35 times a day and it has given us so much peace. We’re also in the process of getting Vivint Solar installed. THANK YOU VIVINT!!!!! PS – Awesome video.

Xials says:

Who is that actress?! She was just in a show I watched and I can’t remember which one? Is there a place I can see the credits of this spot?

Becky Leonard says:

I am deaf .

Alex La Ruffa says:

This has to be the best commercial I've ever seen. Super funny! Loved it!

Gabe says:

Now I WISH I had a home just to use this system

Melissa Camacho says:

KUDOS, great ad!

Sneze says:

Holy balls thats the LAHWF guy, Andrew Hale's sister!

CLoseDSpAceFiRe says:

Was this the Twist on an episode of Black Mirror?

Basement Berean says:

I sat through a five minute commercial before a two minute video. And I'm OK with that. I only regret that I live in an apartment and it's against the rules for me to have this system.

Kelton Holbrook says:

Watch out! Vivint is taking the cake for best commercial in 2018. #bestcommercialever

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