This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life

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This robot has applications to archaeology, space exploration, and search and rescue — with a simple elegant design inspired by a plant. Sign up to Morning Brew for free today:

Make your own Vine Robot! —
Special thanks to A/Prof. Elliot Hawkes, Nicholas Naclerio, Margaret Coad, David Haggerty for appearing in this video and showing off your amazing robots. For more info on vine (and other types of) robots check out, and

Research at UCSB supported in part by the National Science Foundation grant 1944816, by an Early Career Faculty grant from NASA’s Space Technology Research Grants Program, and by the Packard Foundation.

B-roll footage of robots from the supplementary materials of (Hawkes et al., 2017), and from Stanford University

Additional info on the intubation vine robot here:

References: Hawkes, E. W., Blumenschein, L. H., Greer, J. D., & Okamura, A. M. (2017). A soft robot that navigates its environment through growth. Science Robotics, 2(8). —

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Special thanks to Patreon supporters: Anna, Mac Malkawi, Michael Schneider, Oleksii Leonov, Jim Osmun, Tyson McDowell, Ludovic Robillard, jim buckmaster, fanime96, Juan Benet, Ruslan Khroma, Robert Blum, Richard Sundvall, Lee Redden, Vincent, Marinus Kuivenhoven, Alfred Wallace, Arjun Chakroborty, Joar Wandborg, Clayton Greenwell, Pindex, Michael Krugman, Cy ‘kkm’ K’Nelson, Sam Lutfi, Ron Neal

Edited by Trenton Oliver
Animation by Ivan Tello
Filmed by Derek Muller
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci
Music by Jonny Hyman and from Epidemic Sound


victor flores says:

This is not a robot. Its basic plumbing

ok its fine says:

Girls: I wonder why girls live longer than boys
Boys: 3:48

Sean F says:

Literally just inflating a bag.

Sai Prudhvi Dommeti says:

What about the temperature dependence?

ToxicPAD says:

leaving a comment before this guy turns into doc ock.

Justin Jordan says:

Quantifying my cycles of thought is not going to save my life. Jumping in manually when things get out of hand isn't going to help either.

Learning how easy and stupid rich people dodge taxes is neat, but the only thing I am really curious about is what happens when you hit your own power button.

0x4E0x650x6F says:

Deploy under a colapsed building and and expand it so it creates a tunnel would allow traped ppl to come out

Snipars223 says:

But can it bring beer from the fridge?

dgr8oneme says:

But how do you control where it goes?

Potato Girl says:

well, someone is putting up their ass one day. Mark my words.

Rithica Devireddy says:

It's a snake Robot hiss 🐍

Spud McKeegan says:

and thus the robotic Shai-Hulud was born.

Vedant Karad says:

This looks like tenticle of alien ship

QWQ _ says:

Wait so does this mean tentacle hentai is going to actually become a thing…? No… I'm not ready, oh god no please, NoOoOOOoOoOOO!!!11!!

Joey Lawell says:

Isnt this used for construction of bunkers filling the space between the steel and rock w concrete

Fernando Torres says:

Try shoving it up your ……

Awaz-e-Bharat says:

The basilisk's paradox is coming to reality

Louis Emery says:

Possible homeowner applications: 1) clean out the gutters 2) clean out the underground drainage pipes 3) Get rid of underground rodents 4) look for mold inside the walls.

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