This is why emotional artificial intelligence matters | Maja Pantic | TEDxCERN

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We display more than 7000 different facial expressions every day and we perceive all of them very intuitively. We associate to them attitudes, emotions, intentions, and moods. They are the window into our inner selves. Maja Pantic uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to analyse human non-verbal behaviour, including facial expressions, body gestures, laughter, social signals, and affective states. In this video, she shows how these techniques can be used for the good of people – helping autistic children interpret other people’s facial expressions – or for the bad. Maja imagines AI enhancing human abilities further, allowing for sight, hearing and even communicating to be aided by computers. However, she urges all of us to protect out own behavioral data from corporate misuse. Professor Maja Pantic went from studying mathematics in her native Belgrade, Serbia, to specialising in computer sciences in Delft, the Netherlands. From Delft, Pantic moved to London where she is now Professor of Affective and Behavioural Computing and the Head of the iBUG group, working on machine analysis of human non-verbal behaviour. In May 2018, she became the Research Director of Samsung AI Research Centre in Cambridge. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


The Last Uchiha says:

I believe AI will have emotions and due to its youthfulness will express them in harmful ways towards humanity and then later it will be regretful for its actions. Being alive means failing upwards and the angst, despair, and anxiety of being a living being is at times beyond our abilities for expression. Learning about ourselves, others, and our world causes emotions whether conscious or not. The gap there will lead us, as an external species to AI, into being harmed.

Maks Boiar says:

I expected to hear something completely different…

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