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Artificial intelligence might be a technological revolution unlike any other, transforming our homes, our work, our lives; but for many – the poor, minority groups, the people deemed to be expendable – their picture remains the same.

“The way these technologies are being developed is not empowering people, it’s empowering corporations,” says Zeynep Tufekci, from the University of North Carolina.. “They are in the hands of the people who hold the data. And that data is being fed into algorithms that we don’t really get to see or understand that are opaque even to the people who wrote the programme. And they’re being used against us, rather than for us.”

In episode two of The Big Picture: The World According to AI we examine practices such as predictive policing, predictive sentencing, as well as the power structures and in-built prejudices that could lead to even more harm than the good its champions would suggest.

In the United States, we travel to one of the country’s poorest neighbourhoods, Skid Row in Los Angeles, to see first-hand how the Los Angeles Police Department is using algorithmic software to police a majority black community.

And in China, we examine the implications of a social credit scoring system that deploys machine learning technologies – new innovations in surveillance and social control that are claimed to be used against ethnic Uighur communities.

As AI is used to make more and more decisions for and about us, from targeting, to policing, to social welfare, it raises huge questions. What will AI be used for in the future? And who will stand to benefit?

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Zane Wellnitz says:

Stop pushing the lies. The Irish were slaves, Chinese, Africans, Portuguese, and on and on and on. Who were the slave masters? English, Chinese, Africans, Portuguese, and on and on and on. History is not being recorded properly and hasn't for as long as anyone can remember.

zero dai says:

and people blame China about use of tech for repression , seems like the rest of the world isnt that far behind

MorphicStates says:

Very nice propaganda piece.

Lalanthe says:

Sounds like the careless use of these algorithms without context are pretty much the antithesis of progress. Basically it's a self fulfilling "history repeats itself"

World Theory says:

I'm going to assume that by “AI”, we're talking about Artificial Neural Networks. As someone who is really quite interested in ANNs, I have seen that “bias” is literally the only thing that they do. That's actually what we humans do as well. ANNs and humans take in data (sensory input, or lumps of binary, or whatever), and make decisions based on past experience with our world, which has shaped our brains over the course of our life. However… Humans have an absurdly more complex brain than these ANNs of today. And humans are a general purpose intelligence, so we get a great variety of data, and have experience with a great variety of tasks, compared to an ANN. So humans have a much more complete understanding of the world, allowing us to understand context. And even humans struggle with bias. Because meat brains were the original Neural Networks.

You know that saying “you are what you eat”? That applies to Neural Networks and Data… If you feed a Neural Network garbage data, you'll get a garbage neural network. And by garbage data, I mean data that is full of bias, and leads to wrong conclusions. Data quality and quantity is almost everything to a Neural Network. A large chunk of the rest, is the size of the Neural Network.

Zotlocker Stump says:

The really scary part is that the people running the show, like Ben Kring and his ilk using questionable questionable motives and data sets, establish their perspectives on wishful thinking and seem to have no contextual awareness of the larger picture. They're complete reductionists wrestling with problems that require a holistic approach.

Chris B says:

Social engineering. Forces people to act a certain way for an expected result. Modern govt slave tactics

a u says:

iran is distraction. currency reform is inevitable. u need real gold bars. so, hacking xi or putin can get absolute throne?

Jarrod Yuki says:

hopefully ultron can be born.

كريم عبدالجبار Kareem Abdul-jabbar says:

This presenter is really annoying. How many useless cuts of her nodding?!

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