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MOTHERBOARD goes behind the scenes at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals in Los Angeles, where teams behind the world’s most advanced search and rescue robots compete for millions of dollars in prize funding from the US Department of Defense. Think of it as Game 7 of the World Series of ground-based, semi-autonomous robots, two of which we first met while filming our documentary INHUMAN KIND. Which robot will come out on top, and which robots will crack under the pressure?

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Faithful says:

I'd bet someone is jamming their competitor's control signals

Constantin Luciu says:

give it 100 years
or even better
give it 1000 years
and we will see

Steve George says:

what are they worth?

Steve George says:

what are they worth?

Владимир Ленин says:

Why can't Americans develop peaceful robots like other countries????

Elessar Yávëtil says:

i wont feel like human livestock until robots become far more advanced versus the primitive bipedal robots that fall over often on flat terrain,

Venix says:

Real steel lel

Marc Fenner says:

Extremely biased and subjective "reporting". If you were a truly objective & scientific channel you would show the winning robots, too, regardless of their nationality. Subjective favoritism at its worst!

Basti says:

… and use them as soldiers

Jason Soto says:


some kid says:

So much hate because the host wasn't 'enthusiastic enough'; go back to your popcorn and Michael bay movies.

Zachary Lee says:

lol didnt show the first place robot….hmm I wonder why

Cartooniverse says:

DARPA purposefully disrupts their network? ain't that a bitch

Walter Moss says:

Pardon, I omitted to say oblivious and beyond worthless!  This guy needs to get with the program!  I cannot believe that you folks sent a ROOKIE, beyond ROOKIE to do a professional job.  for him Kid you need to learn that it is not just about the opportunity you have in life but rather to do a report that you have not done at all.  This was the second bad from motherboard, not good, you guys are like bad garage work.  I'm removing my subscription.

Walter Moss says:

he needs a SCRIPT! this so boring and STUPID!

doxide says:

How the fuck did this host land this job?! This guy is human valium.

Stormin13 says:

Motherboard should send this reporter to Syria to cover ISIS – perhaps then he would appreciate the need for robots to do dangerous jobs.

Maraos says:

Probably one of the worst reporters you could choose to report on such a story…

education says:

man am i the only one who wants to dress up as a robot and just nail that test!

David Chase says:

15 years and its terminator time.

Zedek says:

I hate this guy. He's so awkward, and apparently has never been tradeshow before either. "Distopian signage" or somesuch nonsense. Get a competent reporter please.

Conswa McGaga says:

This host successfully made robots seem boring. congrats.

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