The TINIEST Nvidia SLI Setup EVER?

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These may be the coolest USB sticks we’ve ever seen… but can you amplify their performance by “SLIing” them like you can with their GPU lookalikes?

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YourGamerGalaxy says:

I wanted it to play for me 🙁

Ben Scholzen says:

Wouldn't have been a problem to make a RAID via mdadm on PC 😉

killer jedi says:

my pc parts 2 gb ram nvidia gt0000 intel pentium 2core and my cooling name is… can a play mario?

StMargorach says:

you could have removed the removable part of the usb drives. Making them be recognized as internal storage , this allows you to use disk management to set them up for RAID on windows

[-invalid key-] says:

But thanks for your channel. Good info.

Fairless Gamer lamp2008 says:

What I watch the 8-bit guy ! Is old YouTube name was iBook guy just to let you know!

Basty Taylor says:

Can I Please Have Your Mac Book Pro? (FYI I like windows 10 pro better than that apple made software) Laptop I Have Right Now : Asus 2014 200$ I need the mac for decent 740p Minecraft gameplay… Please puppy dog eyes

r4z0r84 says:

put a rubber ducky in it and program it to play for you and you'll get what was advertised lol

SzuFAN says:

a wez spierdlaj

Angry_Birds37 says:

Betternet is good too. Not as good as tunnel bear but 100% no cost and no I'm not some shady guy giving you a media fire Link no. I just use the Betternet vpn cause its free and I'm broke af.

Gamer87VI Playstechx says:

Only 1080 people enjoy the usb sticks while everyone else has to use other stuff

H14337 ._. says:

7:07 be gone raid demon xD

MWB Gaming says:

Reported for misleading title

Mr Ashtronic says:

Please sub to this kid, he needs all the YouTube money

Dominic Esquivel says:

Why dose every thing on a Mac book look so gross

Dominic Esquivel says:

I thought Linus was for real….

Lenny says:

it should be no surprise that macOS allows you to use your hardware the way you want to


The most interesting RAID flash drive all on the World

Potato Gaming says:

Something like : hey i have 7 gtx s

Pepe The Meme says:

That was an April fool's joke ??

Harrison Hobs says:

Get the best deals on graphics cards here.. The best Deals anywhere, You would thank me after..

Saitama-Chan says:

legit hacking

United TV Bangla says:

i already subscribed your channel

crimescene25 says:

chik fil a dsk!

Alex Roman says:

The Question of my Life (very actual in case of growing popularity of small PC cases or cases with windows)

Dear community and testers !
I‘ve checked all of the internet but I still haven’t found accurate test and clear answer – do psi extenders (risers) effect performance in gaming ?

Because the fact that increasing length leads to bigger latency and the bigger latency leads to slowing of the speed of exchanging data between GPU and the other PC components is evident. Games (in opposite to synthetic test) are continuing data exchange with GPU during the whole session, not only before start. So it seems to me that different GPUs with different values of GPU memory in different games with different lengths (and maybe even quality) of PCI extenders could show different results of such influence. Or maybe this influence so small that doesn’t worth mentioning.

I will be happy with any help – clear Information, trustworthy links, accurate tests.

Thank you very much)

Dontsaythat says:

is 4k gaming really a thing ? whats the FPS like ?

Fucked Gplus says:

Yeah…. A april fool joke yeah…. We are not far off tho

Simon Danger says:

Can you crossfire them ?

oliver boyce says:


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