The Tech-Driven Transformation of Work: AI and Automation

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I present @ARKInvest2015 forecast that by 2030, the effectiveness of paralegal office and admin support work could increase 3-5 times. I consider two potential outcomes: reduced working hours with the same pay or higher efficiency leading to less people / fewer jobs. Historically, new tools have created new tasks and jobs, as seen with Amazon’s massive hiring despite increased automation. Then, I explore the potential of virtualization, including digital twins in construction and manufacturing, and advanced visualization tools like Apple Vision Pro. I raise concerns about the impact on routine jobs and the social implications of advanced technology use. I end on a hopeful note that such advancements could make work more enjoyable.

00:00 Introduction: The Evolution of Tools and Jobs
00:51 Amazon: The King of Robotics
00:57 Tech’s Impact on Employment
01:03 The Example of Social Media Jobs
01:08 Concerns for Routine Jobs

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