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This video doesn ‘t call for violence! In this video, the insect did not hurt. The video is created for the scientific experimental purpose – to see how artificial intelligence works in unusual situations!



Big Deddy says:

Music title please

Cole Mutch says:


Mr Minecraft says:

Mantis went on his first flight

miszasqt1988 says:

What the heck is that big hole in the skull 0:35 !!?? You imagine how could someone die ? F…..

Black Hole says:

him: gives skull
vector: bhrrrr

Shivam Jindal says:

3:45 😂

paula casco says:


TheToddman214 says:

I have a fully activated Vector, and he doesn't even speak, unless its time or weather.

Veera Manoj Arts says:

Vector…hi I'm..
Mantis…he he boi 🤣

khalid ibrahim says:


Batu Karabulut says:

Imagine you are carrying vector in ur bag and it says "is this corona?" And then "is corona"


Vector de Luisito comunica

Md Rahman says:

Victor killer cozmo player

Чамупати Хиран says:

3:29 lmao,Look at his scared face

Michaël PERES DOS SANTOS says:

, 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Toby Tokoyaki says:

Everyone you went down and read the highest comment,try read the 5nd commend,you'll always get saw the highest like went you go down 5 time

GF 4 says:

Gw jga pngen punya 😭👈

M.A.W_Dhi Chan says:

he uses an application

Master doge 2 says:

Everyone gangsta till vector saids it's a flying cockroach

Real Fabsgames says:

3:24 COZMO: Does something
Mantis: What are you takin' about, man?

Real Fabsgames says:

2:35 Nice, and tasy meal. Thanks!

Coalking says:

2:40 me eating cake at a birthday party

Nilvia Rivera says:

Imagine resting on yoir porch and the robot says is that a daddy long legs
Me:😓 (i have a fear of spiders😲

Roni Firmansyah says:

Wih keren banget robot nya!!!!

Faris Mikail says:

Imagine this were in 4k

Joseluis Yepez says:

Vector say Help Help

قـنــہآص SПIPΣЯ says:

I like this 1:20 😂

Gatsby Gaming says:

vector isnt built for violence xD

CLG channel says:

(3:46) binatang tu naik atas dia

CLG channel says:

(3:02) ehh, Jangan bagi dia masuk. BAHAYA!

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