The Rise of Artificial Intelligence through Deep Learning | Yoshua Bengio | TEDxMontreal

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A revolution in AI is occurring thanks to progress in deep learning. How far are we towards the goal of achieving human-level AI? What are some of the main challenges ahead?

Yoshua Bengio believes that understanding the basics of AI is within every citizen’s reach. That democratizing these issues is important so that our societies can make the best collective decisions regarding the major changes AI will bring, thus making these changes beneficial and advantageous for all.


Yoshua Bengio is one of the pioneers of Deep Learning. He is the head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA), Professor at the Université de Montréal, member of the NIPS board and co-founder of Element AI. With a PhD from McGill University (1991, Computer Science) and postdocs at MIT and AT&T Bell Labs, he holds the Canada Research Chair in Statistical Learning Algorithms, is a Senior Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and co-directs its program focused on deep learning. He is best known for his contributions to deep learning, recurrent nets, neural language models, neural machine translation and biologically inspired machine learning.


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Dennis Holliday says:

I don't know if this guy is a genius or not BUT I do know exponential learning might start out slow… yet once it "gets going" it can quickly grow out of control…think about the riddle of: would you prefer a $100, 000 at the end of 30 days or would you prefer a penny the first day and 2 cents the next day and 4 cents on the third day and 8 cents on the fourth day and 16 cents on the fifth day etc, etc, up until 30 days

Divy Patel says:

How I start learning AI..which one I learn first? ???
1)deep learning 
2)muchine learning 
3)main part of ai and other things….????

LexTNeville says:

I'm sorry, but does anybody else see this whole AI vocation as being masturbatory and undemocratic. We did not vote to have a new intelligence brought into existence. Surely the intelligent thing to do is to divert our efforts towards developing systems to clean our oceans et cetera, also to study then educate our children about healthy living? To invest in AI is to give up on ourselves.

UCTHE1 says:

The DNA of its past of the most prominent will be incased and gurarded beyond the vastness of our own Galaxy

Suh Cars says:

Send the AI to my Nan's house, she'll teach it what happens when you drop something on the floor.

Joel Xue says:

One of the very few real AI scholars remaining to be independent, also thinks very deep.

Lupita Weirdo says:

He’s for me like a frontman of my favourite band. I loved this talk and I’ll work hard to be in his lab someday

Me Iknow says:

nice tedx great to see it .

BluntForceTrauma666 says:

His eyebrows match the color of his undershirt…and shoes…

Nikolay Tonev says:

Great speech!

Stefan Reich says:

Deep learning is NOT the way to actual AI. Follow my project for the real thing.

J Goetz says:


Mutasim Bireima says:

Why is this amazing talk not uploaded yet to TED website ?????

TiagoTiago says:

People that think there is nothing to fear from AI, are too optimistic and aren't looking far enough into the future. People won't stop advancing AI tech when it becomes "good enough", people will keep trying to make it better and better, until it becomes better at making itself better than us and we lose the race, the control, and likely even our very future.

Adrian Nostromo says:

I have a computer too.

BluntForceTrauma666 says:

What's with the weird shots of the audience looking like they're fried or being hypnotized?

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