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Subcommittee on Research and Technology and Subcommittee on Energy Hearing – Artificial Intelligence – June 26th, 2018

Dr. Tim Persons, chief scientist, GAO

Mr. Greg Brockman, co-founder and chief technology officer, OpenAI

Dr. Fei-Fei Li, chairperson of the board and co-founder, AI4ALL

OpenAI was founded by Elon Musk and Sam Altman



Wish I Had A Cool Name says:

who are the observers exactly? Anybody know

ja ho says:

All US fellows, it's still not too late to think or act, China doesn't f**** care about the future of other nations, they are focusing on getting stronger and more wealthy.

Field and Stream says:

System is rigged by AI and information can be manipulated….

Field and Stream says:

Did they say science and accountability in the same sentence?????

Mik Gar says:

Making jobs easier for people also will make less jobs. You won't need as many employees.

Auxilium says:

Great channel with very interesting insights and observations.
I just wanted to mention what I consider to be important about artifial intelligence or what I, personally, would like to see.

What is of great importance, and of course everybody thinks this, is if an A.I. truely " understands " what it does or responds to.
I might have a simplistic or simplified view of what I see and understand or what I expect about the whole A.I. subject, but please read on.

If an A.I. is programmed to "respond" to certain situations or observations, does it "understand" why something is happening.
Asuming the A.I. can speak and understand human language and can observe its surroundings and respond to it:

The sun shines brightly. If programmed to do so and capable of doing so then it might respond like "it is a beautiful day".
But does it truely understand that it is a sunny day or is it just a calculation of how much " lux " it is picking up via its light sensors.
It might as well say "It is a beautiful day" when an atomic bomb explodes !

I think this is the essence of what the public in general expect from A.I. , that it truely "understands" its environment.
And also the " fear " people in general have about A.I. in general, meaning that it all means nothing to an A.I. of what we think is important.

We address emotions TO a machine and to what it does. But the A.I. itself does not understand all this or isn't even aware of the existence of emotions or why it does what it does.

If you see a robot walking, talking and avoiding objects along its path then we, humans, might respond like " How cute and intelligent! " and we have a happy feeling about the accomplishment and we understand that it is a accomplishment and feel proud about it.
The A.I. however does not experience this at all, it is just moving from point A to point B and does it in the most efficient way.
And it doesn't really 'understand' or experience that it is doing something good or efficiently. it just does it and is not happy or sad or proud about it.
But we like to "project" these "feelings" toward the machine, as if the machine will understand somehow that it is doing something great, but it never will or at least not as we, humans, see or experience it.

This sounds incredible simplistic, but what we as humans like to see in an A.I. is that it has human traits and understanding, in my opinion of course.
But if it is just a robot, not even aware of its own existence, just a machine "acting" as a human then we tend to be negative about it.

A computer that is on grandmaster level at the game of chess is, what we consider to be, fantastic and awesome.
And of course that is great, but it is just calculating, number crunching. we project the feeling of pride onto the machine. That it did something great.
But the machine does not feel, it is just doing it. it really does not understand that what it does is difficult or easy.

Sorry if all this writing makes no sense. I will try to explain in short what I like to see in an A.I.
I would like to see that A.I. knows what it does, that it understands. That it really understands human values or feelings or accomplishments or something similar.

I don't know. I feel devided. Is it okay that A.I. is just fast and efficient with no feelings at all and has no self awareness?
Or do we want A.I. to be more human like and that it truely understands what is "good" or "bad" and has feelings?

I hope I do make some sense. I just wish that at some point you can really "reason" with an A.I. like with a real person.
Maybe I ask the impossible or maybe expect too much of A.I.
Or maybe I am just too impatient and unrealistic and have to wait a few decades before we can realise a human like A.I. and what it all means.

Anyway, thanks for reading and the subject of A.I. is very interesting, no matter how or what A.I. will become or is being used for.

The Robot That Stole Your Jawb!!! says:

the fact that we dont seem to have the wisdom to stop it or at least try with all our resources to contain it proves that A.I. has already taken over our minds, giving us the illusion that it will make everything better and anew, wake the fuck up you morons.

Brian Bull says:

I wish Elon was in that room. No one knows what there talking about.

Secret Sauce is overrated says:

Should government make it an obligation that companies don't divest themselves the bulk of their human employees unless its very gradual? Maybe tariff various products and industries of foreign countries that have divested their industries of a large portion of their workforce in favor of broad ai/automation? Shouldn't policies be implemented so that it doesn't wreck the income of tens of millions of Americans?

Mike Pearson—Engineering says:

What is the right representation? Exact proportions to the general population? Of which country? The world? Good luck! Go ahead, it's a good aim, but don't panic when it gets extremely difficult

Master Baiter says:

Little by little, we are losing our leadership over the machines that we invent. The reason, of course, is obvious: as we invent the machines we give up our individuality. We try to depend upon the machine to think for us, work for us, and labour for us in order that we do nothing to enjoy it.
This isn’t working out at all.
If we are gradually becoming unemployed because we are busy making a profit creating the instruments that are going to displace us, we are doing everything possible on the ground that idleness is the supreme achievement; that we should spend our lives having ‘fun’. So we're creating machines that take people out of work in order that we may have ‘fun’ by not working. But ‘fun’ without work is not very pleasant if you have no way of making a living. We are just losing common sense, and with the loss of it, we are lost by losing our leadership in the world which we live. We are not protecting our domains as animals do. We are not taking care of young as birds do. We are simply doing as little as we can because the intuitive, instinctual part of our own nature has been blocked.

And also, we find that those things that we need to do are least profitable… and profit is measured only in terms of gain or fame.

Chris M says:

True Artificial Intelligence will literally change the world forever.

Chris Goldthorpe says:

This is an important point in history. Watch in entirety at least once.

Optimus Phoenix Prime says:

The power of being a human.

Sincerely,Post Scarcity Godz –

Evyn Jacob says:

Specifically it is the future Operating Systems that will disrupt the world to the potential of true Artificial Intelligence. Agent-Based Operating Systems should come available to download anywhere in the world and run on a standard desktop. This type of downloadable Intelligent OS will bypass Object-Based, Component-Oriented, Protocol-driven software. Very different from today's standard I predict.

imthestein says:

It's refreshing to actually see government officials try to tackle how to handle this and I hope it's not just for the spectacle of it

Andew Tarjanyi says:

The assumption that humans are intelligent is not only impertinent to the existential risks associated with "AI" but is also pretty stupid. I would also add, there is no such thing as AI nor is there such a thing as AGI. The only thing which exists, in reality, is the [I] component. many things are artificial and many things are general but intelligence can be nothing other than universal.

Ultimately, the weakness of the human species and the cause of its downfall and extinction will be its fixation on, and the overvaluing of, competition. (Continued)…

Khannea says:

Comstock. Seriously.

timfreeeed says:

All in fear of AI, don't worry. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Hayden Muscat says:

"…unclassified spending only 600 million…" Lol no doubt the classified spending is more than 10x that.

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