The next wave of AI Innovations for Startups by Microsoft & OpenAI

In this webinar, we will drill into the most relevant AI announcements by Microsoft & OpenAI and provide some in-depth coverage across the potential impact for every startup across new products, use cases and AI-proof roadmap. Join us to learn about those updates which will be a gamechanger for anyone building with AI, showcasing Microsoft for Startups and Microsoft Azure’s commitment to being the leading cloud platform for AI.

Main topics we will cover at this event:
1. Microsoft AI supercomputer: More power, better pricing with Nvidia partnership, and new purpose-built silicon.
2. Simplification of OSS LLM interactions: Streamlining interactions (Llama2, Mistral, Jais) through easy API calls
3. Updates to Azure OpenAI Service: Enhancing Azure OpenAI Service with multi-modal capability, OpenAI GPT-4 Fine Tuning, OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo with Vision, and cost-effective pricing.
4. New Vector Search and Semantic Ranking: Prioritizing precision in information retrieval
5. Enhanced Responsible AI Tools: Facilitating the development of applications that build consumer and enterprise trust with advanced security measures and ethical considerations.