The Next Stage Of Human Evolution Has Begun… Here's What You Need To Know:

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The next stage of human evolution has begun… Here’s what you need to know:

This is a “state of the union” address from the Beyond Homo Sapien Podcast… Let’s put everything in perspective:

Do you believe in a collective consciousness?

The internet is a manifestation of that collective.

By merging with technology and making emerging tech more accessible in our world, we are giving birth to a new definition of what it means to be a human.

Technology is giving us greater access to ancient beliefs like the law of attraction . We are progressing in our acceptance of “new age” beliefs like astrology, sacred geometry, tarot, astral projection, and forms of communing with the spirit world.

We are in the midst of a psychedelic revolution… More and more people are venturing to the Amazon rainforest and similar locals in search of sacred plant medicines.

Have you seen the mass emersion of Documentaries, Books, and YouTube channels around the topic of ancient civilization?

Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson are two names becoming synonymous with this work.

Pioneers like these two are bringing us greater access to where our species originated.

With the advent of podcasting and other forms of “new media”, we are staging for a takeover of the old ways of having in-authentic five minute conversations on public news stations, attempting to deconstruct complex issues.

All of this because of the internet.

Because our collective mind has become manifest.

The potential is enormous.

Virtual reality is here and becoming more developed every day.

Augmented reality will completely transform our world and create a vastly different landscape.

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform us into gods…

So what does one “do”?

Spread awareness.

Get these conversations going.

We NEED to talk about the ramifications.

We MUST cultivate the ability to connect with nature.

Education must be reformed.

Our species has to develop more compassion and caring, developing better systems and programs to help the masses become educated about what is happening.

If we do not, our world will experience the next stage of evolution and most will miss the message.

Most will miss the leap forward.

We should strive to give the highest possible ability to people to allow them to make the jump.

Or else it will haunt our future as we develop a greater understanding of interbeing and the laws of the universe.

We will live eternally to regret not looking out for average Joe and giving them a chance to make the jump forward into hyperspace.

“Imagine no restrictions but the climate and the weather.
Then we can explore Space.
Together. Forever.”

-Enter Shikari