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an inanimate number no human labor force lazy

STORM says:

Black Mirror! Begin!

Jason Livesay says:

I think the Black Mirror episode even sort of copied the wall from this video.

kaua michel says:


Connor Deneau says:

I have the strange urge to pat where it's head would be…
….a good boy.

Luis Cortez says:

"Coming soon" IS THAT THREAT??

HaUfUnny says:

the end is near

argiris route56 says:

release DARPASAX mpalouki LOADING

Raidrion Alpha maister says:

Ah I want one

Little Fox says:

it looked adorable, but it could be a killing machine, nobody can stop skynet now..

AnimeWhisperer18 says:

holy shit, I felt like it was going to jump out the screen and get me. lol

lol says:

and I would walk 5 hundred miles….

Neon Majora says:

Is that how it reacts to seeing a person? I would be scared.

Audial Asphyxiation says:

Yeah, no thanks. I don't feel like getting hit in the face and neck with weaponized GPS tracking shrapnel or stabbed in the knee with my kitchen knife.

User Name says:

Hahaha nice 😀

vancity3030 says:

Nice knowing you all.

Cameron Abbey says:

Hide your knives, hide your guns and buy a fuck tonne of bananas.

Михаил Шипилов says:

Тени забыли нарисовать ))

William Shreckengost says:

D'aww. I want like 600 of these to pet and play with.

War Ninja says:

I didn't know that Black Mesa worked with Boston Dynamics.

Romar the Gamer says:

Some years later. Dogs will be extinct and robots will replace them

Nick Greek says:

Hmmm for some reason this reminds me of Half Life

LegendOfJacko says:

Humanity is so fucked

Commies Cant Meme says:

Strap a AR to it and get to killing muzzie scum.

zetathix says:

I just hope that BD will comes up with cheaper version of SpotMini as a educational pet to compete with dumb Aibo, I know it's hard to be true but maybe someday

BlueFireJack says:

It’s finally quiet

Moosh Gaming says:

so smooth.. so refined…

Max Bassanini says:

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

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