The Neural Lace Podcast #3 Guest: Eric Matzner

The Neural Lace Podcast #3 Guest: Eric Matzner
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Guest: Eric Matzner doesn’t just study neuroscience he lives it working through his nootropics company Nootroo on a quest to enhance the human brain.
(Supplemental Reading Materials for this episode of the podcast at the bottom thanks to our guest Eric Matzner.)
We talk about how technology being developed by Richard Marks at PSVR can be used to solve Neural Lace.
We talk about HypeVR’s VideoGrammetry as a tool to solve Neural Lace.

Facebook is secretly working on Neural Lace.
We talk about the Facebooks new Augmented Reality technology announced at F8. Facebook is also now doing Volumetric six degrees of freedom video with two new cameras. It turns out that Facebook is also working on a new advanced brain computer interface, and sources in the know are telling me that Facebook the Social Network is secretly working on Neural Lace.
In this podcast we also talk about new kinds of tractography, the topic of diffusion tensor imaging, and we touch on the topic of tensor calculus.
Mostly we talk about the nutrition of neural lace, the power demands of the brain, how to supply the brain with energy, and what part of the brain we should target for Neural Lace.
We explode the idea (NOT EXPLORE, I mean EXPLODE) of a secret sauce for Neural Lace.

We dive into the quantum mechanics of Neural Lace and we explore the idea that the cosmos consists of ones and zeroes with particles representing ones and waves representing zeroes.
In this episode we talk about how the Nvidia DGI-1 Supercomputer can be used to solve Neural Lace.

Supplemental Materials for this episode of the podcast (thanks Eric Matzner)
Stentrode link

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The quantum mitochondrion and optimal health
The quantum mitochondrion and optimal health
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