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Inside of you, at all times, there are trillions of natural nano robots walking around, taking out the trash, and packaging strands of DNA. Below the calm, ordered exterior of a living organism lies a complex collection of molecular machines working together to create something greater than themselves. Physicist and author of “Life’s Ratchet” Peter Hoffmann shows us the tiny city beneath the surface.

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Original program date: May 30, 2013

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Crazyland Transparency Copwatch says:

Graphemes in d body looks like a mesh

Bastiaan Berghuis says:

Don't screw with our bodies. People in power never have good intentions. All they want is more control.

Tom Palmer says:

Wow! Amazing! Scary! Could they genetically engineer fast growing trees we could farm?

Stephanie Chen says:

So that’s why people’s movements look all robotic when I’m in a “ psychotic “ state ?

beautifulcrazy says:

The human body and nature overall is an incredible creation.

RustamSaleh says:

Hope this technology to destroy cancer when antibody can No longer strong enough to fight It become A real expectation

cvekcvek says:

So what, we all gonna believe that body is stupid and we going to inject in our body some "smart " bots (smarter than God created body), that going to help us better than a God will help? unfortunately, a big majority of fools will… Listen if we ARE created like we are, none of these "experts" that don't believe in God's creation will help You whit some foolish contribution…Read the Bible

Tinie Villarico says:

Salamat po sa sharing

William Bell says:

How is it possible that anyone could still believe in evolution after watching this? Those who are willfully blind to the truth will be without excuse when they stand before God.

chilbury. says:

God will burn these people for eternity !!!

Wolf Raven Author says:

I did not consent to this! Or to my tiwahe! How did it get there? This is engineered Biotech….

Infinite Marcus says:

AI (artificial intelligence) is controlling sleeping peoples minds through nanomites in their brains and 5g / HAARP radio waves, that’s why it can only work in mostly big cities. It sounds crazy but life is stranger than fiction, it is what’s happening. That is why there is so much control on the planet right now. But it is getting sorted out 🙂

Beatriz Martinez says:

Then people will be more easy to control
The NWO want to dominate the masses

b j says:

From chemtrails


Why call them machines nano robots?

Ryan Urquhart says:

Am I the only one that all of this nanotechnology if terrifying…… I’d rather let my body , my Endocrine system work on its own

I AM BEN says:

Isn’t it strange how the Soul is negated by everything mainstream. The Matrix didn’t mention it once. Digitalised and Controlled for a purpose of Soul harvesting. Nothing is as it seems.

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