The Map of Quantum Computing – Quantum Computing Explained

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With this video I aim to give a really good overview of the field of quantum computing with a clear explanation of how they work, why people are excited about quantum algorithms and their value, the potential applications of quantum computers including quantum simulation, artificial intelligence and more, and the different models and physical implementations people are using to build quantum computers like superconducting devices, quantum dots, trapped ions, photons or neutral atoms, and the challenges they face.

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Writer, art, animation and edited by Dominic Walliman
I use Adobe Illustrator and After Effects for the graphics (for the many people who ask 🙂

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— Chapters —
00:00 Introduction
00:44 How Quantum Computers Work
06:19 Quantum Algorithms
12:01 Potential Applications of Quantum Computing
15:26 Models of Quantum Computing
17:29 Qiskit Sponsorship Message
19:29 Models of Quantum Computing Continued
24:59 Obstacles to Building a Quantum Computer
27:24 What Real Quantum Computers Are Made From
31:45 Summary