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What will be the leader’s role in the 4th industrial revolution of AI (artificial intelligence)? How will leaders need to change to fit into the AI world? What skills will be most relevant in the world of artificial intelligence? Learn some of the answers to these questions on The Leadership Talk Show hosted by Victor L Vogel. #TheLeadershipTalkShow

IESE Conference URL:–lkFfBOYHE
Sergey Brin talks about AI, Leadership and the Fourth Industrial Revolution at Davos 2017:

Credit Links:

Milo Jones TEDx Talk: Whats does AI mean to leadership

TEDx Talk LakeComo: Juergen Schimdhuber AI Scientist



Victor L Vogel says:

Sorry about the double image on screen sharing., I must have had two screen shares happening simultaneously. I was coordinating also on Facebook live, so could have done something there. Hope it wasn't too distracting, I am really not that self-centered.

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