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Machine learning isn’t just for simple tasks like assessing credit risk and sorting mail anymore — today, it’s capable of far more complex applications, like grading essays and diagnosing diseases. With these advances comes an uneasy question: Will a robot do your job in the future?

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A UBI will have to be implemented to tackle this problem

Gerald Varelas says:

Ai overlords of the future, please make me your pet!!!

TheGhjgjgjgjgjg says:

Humanity can't even deal with itself and we want to introduce a new "race" into the mix? We are beyond fucked,this isn't a joke.Technology in excess will be mans undoing.

Joliana Mahilum says:

Atleast we still have the brain to think. Creativelly, critically and analytically. Computer only has the knowledge but we humans have tha ability to imagine.

the joker says:

Ur all gona die

laser325 says:

This guy seems to believe that taxi and delivery drivers, shop staff, (including fast-food outlets), factory staff, etc etc, will suddenly become marketing strategists or will be able to find a gap in the market to create themselves a job.
Big fail on this TED talk.

laser325 says:

Guy invents the microwave oven.
'…this cross-pollination happens for each of us, thousands of times per day…'
I've told you a million times, don't exagerrate!

Ludwig Beethoven says:

hmm what will this do to dating, marriage, having children? Seems like hyper Darwinian libertarians dreams come true?

Winter says:

Wait so if robots are gonna be doing all the work, who's gonna be left to buy all the stuff that they make?

poorvesh mistry says:

I believe all sectors or perspectives are not considered, like with growing population and reducing land for cultivation, we would require people who could improve crop quality & quantity, not all jobs will be done by robots, any or all jobs involving non standard or unorganized objects, like material handling especially of brittle objects will be still done by humans, things which need instinct like detectives/cops will be humans, already this generation gave up outdoor games, so not sure of future of athletes. Child care and care centres for elderly people will still require humans. More people will either involve in improving environment on earth or looking for new planet like earth and making arrangements to shift and stay their. Energy could be new global currency, just like gas/fuel, people owning land would be able to invest in power generating technologies like Solar, wind, etc. and they will buy and sell as per requirements.

Chris Madison says:

All I got from this was that business people and campaigners will be safe from automation. As an engineer, I fear for what's to come.

Abhishek Mathew says:

Machines can excel at frequent, high volumes tasks. For us humans, let everyday usher in a new challenging task.

diva says:

so every job will be lost except marketing ones?

TheSophist2007 says:

so its basically as nathaniel branden said: we humnans need to do something about our self esteem and become entrepeneurs. The future will belong to creative, independent and active individuals.

WB Stookey says:

He did not answer the questions of this video

Grafis says:

Very nice video.

Lee Carlson says:

Machines cannot create.

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