The Guard Is Training For A Cyber Event Taking Down Utilities Nationwide, MSFT Reports 3 More?

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The most concerning part about this exercise is they said they expect major utility shutdowns to become common moving forward. Guardsmen just completed a two-week training exercise that saw them respond to a simulated cyberattack that took out critical utilities across the United States. The exercises have become an annual event, but this year took on even more significance after coming on the heels of several major ransomware and cyber event that crippled large parts of American infrastructure in recent months.
The exercises were part of the seventh Cyber Yankee, a training event that brings together guardsmen from throughout the New England region to test their responses against simulated cyberattacks. This year’s exercises simulated a cyber event that targeted utilities on the West Coast before spreading east across the United States towards New England. In addition to offering hands-on training on how to respond to active cyberattacks, the exercise was also intended to build cyber defense collaboration.
MSFT also reported finding a few companies that had been compromised online.