The Google Assistant can help you get things done over the phone

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Whether you’re booking a table at your neighborhood sushi joint or trying to schedule a last-minute haircut before your big event, sometimes you just need to pick up the phone to get something done. Here’s a look at a new feature we’re developing for the Google Assistant that uses advancements in AI to help you get things done over the phone.


Kerri Anderson says:

How efficient and charming how big is the party for my birthday!!!?

Dawn Campbell says:

Great sorvide through Google

Mellany Primer says:

Thank you very much to all my friends and Google ,Google assistant, sir Steven good Samsung,English people ,GMA, EAT Bulaga,mobile legend ,allison St. pope Jhon Paul ,basilica church,the sikat singer Jose marechan,all not not I mentioned thank you very much. Sorry Im so sleepy.GOD BLESSED us all. AMEN 🙏❤

Junie Corbin says:

Love google

Amir Maluru says:

Somebody put my mane anda my phone number at her advertising

Yasir Mohamed says:

after 2 years its not ready to roll-out or that was fake? Fake it until you make it.

Vinod Unnithan says: active notion that the person in the movie is Google assistant. Not PC apple or..m

Cassius Padilla says:

Does anyone know how to permanently remove googe assistant? Not just DISABLE it but remove/delete it permanently.

Mizanur Bhuiyan says:

I am wow that can talk with it but my intension is to be one with Google.💕💕💕💕🆗

Annette White says:

Where is girl where is I'm going to bed

Car9lyn Newman says:

Put in english

Elton Jones says:

Yes you can do great things like exploding my blood pressure because this smart assistant is frankly dumber than a 3 year old

Lillian Roman says:

I received NO HELP WITH A UN WANTED que que in which I had never heard before. They didn't help with trying to delete it &
I'm stuck with a stupid
que que on my cell 😱
Google is usually very good with helping solve problems but this que que belongs to Google YouTube

Scott Boyer says:

Trying to reset my phone automatically

PS - Lover says:

The person lift the call from human are robot

munitattoo says:

I just tried this and it did not work. It just took me to a page of search results.

Bonniejack Byrd says:

Google your google aseance is a joke it does not help with anything i've ask

Jonathan Badley says:

Ok, so why does it sound human when it's making calls, but sound like an ai when she's taking to it??????????????????????

bullshit people says:

Hey Google book a flight to hell. No. Google, increase my volume up to 6. Hey Google u can hear me flick mAh bean again

Kevin Delaney says:

They shouldn't have added "I'm the Google Assistant"

Muge Sherdil says:

The google assistant calls to make a reservation, yet the person takes the reservation date on a piece of paper and not on the computer. smh

Banana Joe says:

Me: hey google call my girl friend
Google assistant: u have not girl friend
Me: 🙁

Roman Arikov says:

One question, why she can`t do it herself? Why she needs to spend time for explanation what she wants to assistant. You have some middle man who books a table for you, he is not flexible because he doesn`t know everything and each discrepancy in a request he will approve with you. It is time-consuming. I suppose this service for people who wants to gain their status using some man to do something for them.

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