The Future of Work: A VICE News Special Report

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The next Industrial Revolution is upon us, and scientists, entrepreneurs, and policymakers are warning of an imminent paradigm shift in the future of work. In partnership with the Council on Foreign Relations, VICE talks to industry leaders and laborers to learn how radical developments in automation and artificial intelligence are set to change the world of work as we know it.

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, VICE’s Future of Work explores technology’s threat to the American worker and the ways we are responding.
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VICE News says:

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, VICE's Future of Work explores technology’s threat to the American worker and the ways we are responding.
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IM.Charles says:

Coming soon to a city near you…

jerry P. says:

What about sudden changes in weather? Fog? Rain? Snow? Truck drivers make jobs.. burger places.. clothes shops.. truck stops.. pay taxes. If you replace people with machines, the ripple effect is huge.

Cyprien The 4th says:

Somewhere in that amazon warehouse, someone is peeing in a bottle.

Brandon Emman says:

That HBO intro gave me some Silicon Valley vibes :')

wacey bone says:

Good Moaning

Talent Transformation says:

extremely insightful video about the future of jobs

Janhavi Parab says:

To prepare for the future of work doesn’t just mean deploying a technology solution, but rather deploying a vision and mindset. According to Jason Averbook, here are the 3 things HR can do to equip itself.

Marlon Stamati ms says:

I cant wait to see what will go on in the future.
I'm 15yo and pretty septic about our futur a lot of jobs will be replaced with robots

Timothy Dahl says:

Hello everyone

C Albert says:

seems like if one doesn't re-train to be a computer programmer… there's no future for you.

Eddie Morra says:

41:30 They will survive, lmao

Hussam Hallak says:

UBI is worse than slavery. It gives the poor and uneducated just enough to survive living in poor conditions and be depressed while the rich becomes richer and enjoys the benefits of calming the people down about their greed. The lack of accomplishment, success, meaning of life, and being compromised by your UBI crumbs will kill you.

Ozair Kazi says:

"For all of us"

Petter Rodebjer says:

I think it's important to separate the movement to a globalized economy and the implications of international value chain on jobs (developed in the west, manufactured in Asia) with the transformative force of AI. While the first is a structural and redistributive one (policy determined), the other one automates away entire work positions. Neither am I convinced that AI and automation is challenging our current economic systems; because the relative value of manufacturing is decreasing in favor of information and production development industries.

I'd also like to raise an issue concerning the creation of work. Amazon grows a lot and so, naturally, its demand for workers is increasing as well, however, the growth is not so much about creating new business as it is about grabbing market shares from other companies. Therefore, while Amazon might look like a positive force on paper, its net effect (given the economy as a whole) is probably negative because it puts companies with more employees per service out of business.

Now with all that said, I must end with a positive note. I think that the journalists made a fantastic job, seeking out a wide range of people and meeting them where they were. Tpersonaloperate

Kyle Corbitt says:

I love working but I hate working if that makes sense. I would do woodworking in my own time if I didn’t have to work and got paid not to work. I’m okay not working anymore but politicians need to step up

Lal Awmi says:

💯This report deserves way more views. Sharing link to friends and fam.

R Lyy says:

Tugas aku ngeresume kau ni boi

Ashley R. says:

All this told me was might as well just end it all

David VR says:

Ted Kaczynski was right. Read his manifesto.

Bunda Peluda says:

Humans and machines working togheter…

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