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David Pogue of Yahoo Tech explores advances in robotics and AI (or artificial intelligence) at the recent DARPA Robotics Challenge; and talks with director Alex Garland, whose new film, “Ex Machina,” features a sentient robot.



Creator Studio says:

According to me, Human intelligence makes AI and A.I. makes our life better by providing help with 100% accuracy. AI enabling new types of simple products that were not feasible before. I found this article helpful regarding this topic, check it out!!

O'lynn M says:

Stupid robot not like us doesn't have feeling or a soul. The robot not connected to the cosmos

Ava Hornaday says:

Guy: do you have a name
Robot: yes… Ava
Me: .gulp. that's my name 😐🙄😐

Matt Reseska says:

-skynet has joined the chat

0036 says:

Its so funny How today, only three years later boston Dynamics has Robots that do Flips and parkour 😂

Sophia Robotic's Robot's Mapping Software Hardware says:

UFO Channel Sophia Robotic's Robot's reading and writing software applications hardware mapping networks software hardware drivers database servers micrometer size store database debugging humans error deleting hamans errors

Stephen Feldberg says:


Tapsi Hapsi says:

they turned out to be slower and lazier than human workers… phew, what a relief 😀

Limitless 1 says:

artificial inteligence is good.

J B says:

Siri doesn't actually have a thought process because it is written in advance by a programmer and its false that if you make a robot smart that it will develop feelings and have an urge to turn on the human race.

Cheree Comez says:

I feel that this is needed somewhat, but it should never come a time in which robots replace humans. For example , it irks me that when I call to pay a bill or call the phone company; I get some robotic voice, that most of the time doesn't recognize your words or ask you to keep repeating yourself. I miss the days in which you could actually talk to someone versus talking to a machine. Ashanti-Cheree L. Combsez CPS 1110 300-3:50pm class

ZA says:

There´s perhaps a more boring but more WORRYING answer in terms of the future for humanity, that is JOBS.. yes smart disruptive companies will take over with powerful A.I´s that means the A.I will accomplish human tasks with better precision and cheaper, this could be worrying, we have multibillion dollar companies that employ less than > 500-600 people, and in WhatsApp had less than 40 employees when it got sold to Facebook for 19 Billion.

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