The Future of Retail: Autonomous Checkout with Computer Vision | TransformX 2022

Jordan Fisher, CEO of Standard AI, is passionate about changing the real-world retail experience by unlocking better shopping experiences with computer vision. Fisher will discuss applying computer vision models to the physical world to create human-centric applications; augmenting retail staff with better inventory tools and store layout analytics; and creating better shopper experiences with autonomous checkout. Even given the challenges in today’s retail environment—the labor shortage, inflation, the supply chain crunch, and difficulties competing against tech giants—shoppers expect more options and a better experience. Fisher’s vision is to allow customers to come in, shop, skip the checkout line, and get a receipt within minutes after they leave. At a shop at San Jose State University, traffic increased by 20%, average total receipts increased by almost 23%, and there was a decrease in wait time by over 50%. Further, store employees get analytics about which items are out of stock or misplaced, as well as traffic patterns about individual shoppers that do not collect PII. Fisher has spent his career focusing on both fundamental research and product development. He has worked in computational fluid dynamics, securities regulations, video games, machine learning, and retail, and seeks out areas where innovative products can be forged by tackling difficult research initiatives.

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