The Future of Management in an Artificial Intelligence-Based World (Conference Highlights)

The Future of Management in an Artificial Intelligence-Based World

The Future of Leadership Development Conference Series

The current technology revolution is reshaping industries, making business models obsolete, growing new companies with a different set of capabilities and creating disruption and social change. In a digital, big data, machine-learning, robotics and artificial intelligence-based world, the role of general managers is more important than ever. The competencies that they need are changing fast. At the same time, there are some classical attributes of the general managers’ functions – providing a sense of purpose, developing a long-term perspective, and engaging people and making teams functional, among others – that are still relevant, but that may take new dimensions in this new, changing business world.

What companies, people and society in general will expect from senior managers in a few years’ time will be different from their current skills and capabilities. At the same time, technology is disrupting companies and communities. CEOs, board members and general managers, as the ultimate stewards of a company, need to reflect on how to manage this process and help come up with constructive solutions. The purpose of this conference is to discuss these relevant issues for leadership, governance and management with an inter-disciplinary perspective. Speakers include leading management and leadership scholars, AI experts, CEOs and senior general managers, and deans of leading international business schools.

This is the fifth edition of The Future of Leadership Development Conference at IESE. This series was launched in 2008, right before the explosion of the financial crisis. Each conference addressed some major topics in business education: leadership, ethics and business social impact (2008); globalization and leadership development (2011); the future of the MBA Program to develop a new generation of leaders (2013); and innovation and entrepreneurship in global leadership development (2015).

Franz Heukamp, Dean, IESE Business School. Conference Co-organizer
Jordi Canals, Professor, IESE Business School, Conference Co-organizer