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The questions: What is machine learning in data science & what is machine learning used for are a bit ironic since the ML algorithms of youtube are what determined to show you this video in the first place. On this video you will learn the science behind ML or machine learning and a.i or artificial intelligence and what they are used for. Deep learning is another concept that we will focus on another video. Machine learning and ai on the other hand are going to shape the future of our lives since they are being used in the 21st century global economy. Data scientists will have more oppurtunities to focus their attention on creating ML artificial intelligence systems. We’ve already seen “Sophia” an A.I Robot that responds intelligently on peopl’se questions. This will become the norm as machine learning develops in the coming years. Watch the video to learn more about ML and data science.

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Sources: “Sophia the Robot on CNBC International TV”
Future of ML

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caleb jaymes says:

Watching this is interesting

Fatima Adreeta says:

Your videos are cognitive stimuli themselves.

ch. zeeshan says:

Loving Content💯

Alien Alien says:

Perhaps, AI will be the biggest threat to humanity

Lance Beare says:

I'd like to see a deeper dive with your vids

Mike Sahle says:

Thank you great video thumbs up about technology for might be self learning auto tech future. Till then keep smiling with lol politely & safely

The Art of War Made Easy says:

Great content.

Mike Washington says:

New to your channel and yes it’s good source

Keith Byrne says:

Loving the channel

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