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(Visit: Back in the 1990s, Jeffrey Hawkins became both rich and famous when he invented the Palm Pilot—a device that in no small way ushered in a whole new era of mobile computing. These days, though, he’s on a far more ambitious mission. His goal: to build a machine that can think and reason on its own by mimicking the workings of the human brain. In this edition of Up Next, Hawkins opines on the both risks and rewards of artificial intelligence. Series: “Up Next: Perspectives on the Future of Everything” [5/2015] [Science] [Show ID: 29526]



Crys Stoll says:

Hawkins is a bit naive imo.

tblsaci says:

Too many questions about sex robots. Geez

Peter Scargill says:

There's a simple answer – start now – HAVE LESS KIDS!!!!!

Peter Scargill says:

I take it the interviewer is on his first stage outing… "intelligent machines taking over the world and killing us all" – get a life, mate. Too much watching Terminator.

felix thecat says:

nobodys creating anything that can self-replicate? Hmmm really…. 3D printers can self replicate net viruses can self replicate and wait til AGI comes in they sure as snot gonna self replicate- to be fair i think he means replicate forever like grey goo– but it wood be illogical for them to do anything 4ever. Computers work on logic and it makes no sense to program anything in perpetuity as it doesnt fit in with any economic model man has devised nor even in the realm of science as we are dealing with finite amounts and synergies regardless of non material infinite complexity

Garlick Zulander says:

Way to dodge questions Jeff. Before you were going to make general intelligence in a handful of years, now you won't see it in your lifetime. Come on. You know, in the privacy of my house I've sung your praises, you are the man Jeff. However, what the hell man? Did you give up? Have you surrounded yourself with incompetence? Are your imaginations and intuitions being defeated by bureaucratic academics? You sure dodged a lot of questions Jeff, trying to keep your name untarnished I suppose? You didn't really touch on some of the more interesting aspects of your work, perhaps because those things remain illusive to you. For instance, you say that hearing and vision have the same input and therefore the mind creates an illusion that fits the structure of the inputs. An illusion Jeff? Give me a break. I watched this interview and I wished you laid it on thick. You could have blown that interviewers understanding of the subject out of the water by talking about how ideas are structured, but you held back. That's the stuff that makes an interview boring. Why not take the extreme position, why not be candid? Living life any other way just seems dull.

Tom Anderson says:

The interviewer didn't bother to check any of the questions with Hawkins? It hardly seems like a good interview when the end, the interviewee tells him to go ask someone who really knows and cares about that pop-science guesswork.

j d says:

I loved this interview so much. Hearing Jeffrey Hawkins talk and be himself just gave me pure joy. I loved his enthusiasm and i know he is a great guy! Excellent interview.

Jeff Little says:

Jeff's comments on machines taking our jobs are also way off base. People were saying the exact same thing as he is saying here in the 1920s. Everything didn't just turn out fine. Instead we went into a massive supply glut, which caused worldwide depression, which was followed by reinventing economics to actually consider the demand side of the equation, followed by everything being made to be fine by the FDR crowd. If you look at where we are today, we basically have a 1920s understanding of economics with a massive potential supply glut on the horizon.

Jeff Little says:

Jeff Hawkins has a big gap in his design for AI. Coincidentally, the gap is the exact thing that people are worried about in reference to AI.

Paul Watson says:

when robots do all work for us we don't have to work eny more so we can do what ever we want.

Mc Cine says:

p.s. Guys beyond a certain threshold of "coherence", like Jeff, seem to have somewhat of fascination with "the Universe".

boogiecat55 says:

the interviewer is a pillock

Alen Mikic says:

Artificial intelligence eventually will be able to rewrite itself as it learns new things. By doing that it will become more self aware a even more powerful. It will create other units of it's species (self replicate). Humans will be to AI what Cockroachs are to us. That will be the difference! Hans Moravec should have been a guest in this show.

chuckbuckets1 says:

this interviewer is an idiot

Codename says:

Man I remember when interviews didn't play out like news debates, with each side trying to overpower the other with the volume of their voice.

Mc Cine says:

Hehehe, the day we will have humanoid sex partners is coming 🙂

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