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Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses the future of robotics and A.I. with the former head of DARPA, Arati Prabhakar. Back in the studio, guest robotics engineer Hod Lipson joins the conversation to explain engineering next generation robotics.
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Host Neil deGrasse Tyson brings together celebrities, scientists and comedians to explore a variety of cosmic topics and collide pop culture with science in a way that late-night television has never seen before. Weekly topics range from popular science fiction, space travel, extraterrestrial life, the Big Bang, to the future of Earth and the environment. Tyson is an astrophysicist with a gifted ability to connect with everyone, inspiring us all to “keep looking up.” The studio audience portion of the series is filmed in the Cullman Hall of the Universe at the American Museum of Natural History’s Rose Center for Earth and Space in New York City — where Tyson serves as the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium.

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence | StarTalk

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Ken Zingzong says:

We're all thinking the same thing, it's Asian.

vijay yadav says:

Instead of investing in a AI robot, Here's an script to make a lot of instant money.. And be kind enough to share some loyalty when your bank coffers are full, this will instill faith that Good deeds and values don't get wasted. Yeah, I have a story, about myself,but anyways, that part later.. We'll here's the script, one fine day an robot with AI and a reproduction ability, will be sent to a far of galaxy ,by a human master and will be asked to survive on their own.The only way of communication will be some invisible signals from this world to that far of world, obviously which the Robot with AI couldn't detect. In the long run, Robots with AI will multiply and try to find their existence of life. Other humans will send different forms of Robots with AI. Once the hardware of the Robots have exhausted their useful life, the software embedded in the Robots will be downloaded by humans to analyse the transformation process that the Robots have undergone as a race . Best softwares will be fitted within Robots with advanced hardware so that they can be used for the services of human race, no doubt these are few selected ones who were judged by the ability to take ethical /moral decisions and show immense courage, when they were undergoing their transformation /software Revisions in the alien world… The climax can be like asking the audience, do they still believe they have come in existence from just a big bang? If yes, please answer who made that big bang? Wasn't big bang a way to put some matter where human race can start their existence? What human is to AI robot race, same is GOD to human race. What software is to AI robot same is soul to human race. There can be more parallels drawn between the two worlds and production team can be given free hand to explore their creativity

xyz yxz says:

one of the male guest says "MACHINES THAT CAN LEARN AND CAN LEARN FASTER…." Well from my perspective i might say "MACHINES THAT CAN BE PROGRAMMED OR CREATED/BUILT AND CAN IDENTIFY/RUN/PROCESS FASTER….. Clearly it is us the people in general especially when using english language for example, is that we seemed to use words in a very wrong manner and has created many changes and problems to society in the way to view things or make judgements when dealing with issues using the wrong word in a phrase for example which makes the matter or problems become a PROBLEM which turns ugly and worse where it is by far non sense at all or relevant at all to be considered as a problem factor to an issues when actually its the key solutions to an issue or logically theres no issues at all except being dumb n stupid and not aware that simple words used in a wrong phrase or conversation is a vital threat to anyone but didn't see it coming even when problem arises with its influence but instead was not suppose to happen at all or can be avoided when being aware and logical enough using the right words where applicable…

Rich King says:

I am …iron!..mann!

Ziggler Games says:

a cool movie
more like this!

DBT says:

the future of AI will be like..
AI robots, vehicles, and AI in VR world.

Almost, but not entirely, Unreasonable says:

The only DIFFERENTIATOR that endows Homo Sap with Apex Predator status is relaitvely higher intelligence.
Creating AI / ASI /AGI is an act of Humanoid Cannabilism, if not now, then certainly in time to come.
The only way to win, is NOT to play.
AI optimizes for a handful of parameters, humans optimize for hundreds. Guess who does better in any specific parameter?

Don't you just love that innocent, wide-eyed look on the mechanical (ex-)Darpa reresentative? Have another look, polished fakery at it's best.

Kenneth Bråthen says:

AI is going to change our life, we are going to a level where we cant even imagine today, because we do not believe it is possible. The only thing that can take us to the next lvl is AI, we came so far in evolving our tech and as all of you see its still going forward but slow, thing just get a better update but it do not get much better (more expensive). So AI will figure out for example how we can do normal things better, it will be able to manage us in a way that make us better and more effective, thing that we are not able to think of. It has started with self driving cars and the statistics show that it is safer, so I think we will have a better life and a better world.
WAR? This would be a very interesting to see how AI handles and it will show us how stupid and self obsessed the worlds leaders are making war to make money… its a better way for sure.. Decisions made by AI will not have any personal preferences soit will be the best outcome possible for our race and planet.

Sil3nt says:

why not make a robot with a multi Qubit "brain" and the "body" into the cooling part of it?

New Message says:

Does not compute.

Logan says:

I thought the thumbnail was the A.I.

Zom Bee Nature says:

One of my favorite movies is "AI: Artificial Intelligence". We need robots like that.
Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

Mr. Fern says:

This is just getting us ready to emerge computer programming into our brains.

Ismael Martinez says:

How to not make an AI dystopian apocalypse: Design them to help humans. Duh

Rasheeda Madani says:

People go read cyberpunk

John LaFosse says:

as long as the marketing people dont get a hold of it I'm good.

Regis Bruant says:

Of course most robots would embody something humanoid because they are in an environment that was designed for humans. Where everything is tailor made for humanoids.

A humanoid robot may not be the best at its task but it would certainly be the most polyvalent.

Griffin Evans says:

I love how people quote fictional movies and stories as fact.

TheAmazingFirehawk says:

This is the beginning of the end

theburners32141 says:

You have been presented to your murderers.

Tanya Thompson says:

The movies was right…..Robots will take over the world.

Jenchia Lu says:

Self-awareness is not to be afraid of, the bugginess of the programming is. A good AI running perfectly will be more likely to commit suicide then decide to destroy all human.

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