The Future of Artificial Intelligence | Martin Ford + Andrew Yang | Yang Speaks

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Martin Ford is a bestselling author whose new book Rule of the Robots examines artificial intelligence as a systemic technology—a widespread change similar to electricity at the turn of the 20th century. In a world where AI is as pervasive as electricity is today, what should we be wary of, and what can we look forward to?

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Winterraven says:

The thing with the martins argumentation, is that we have already a good number of examples, where everyone thought it would take decades. One of them is Alphafold… I think many are still underestimating the pace of speed.

The other thing about self driving. Come on guys, what is the baseline for 100%? The technology needs to be just 1% better then a average driver. And we already there.

jim's books reading & stuff says:

The recent brief war between Azerbaijan and Armenia recently showed how 21st century tech used by the Azeris (drones, AI etc…) trumped the 20th century tech used by the Armenians….

Michael Bartell says:

Edward Snowden. The at least until recently CIO of big VPN ExpressVPN is one of the three former U.S. intelligence operatives who agreed today not to fight charges they illegally helped UAE hack people. Kind of makes you think.

Alex M says:

The places where we have stagnated like planes, cars and guns is because they are limited to physics. I am not sure if we will get beyond those ever. I wish Home Depot could invent a robot or a kiosk to dispense screws, nuts, bolts and stuff like that. It is impossible to find anything because the box that is supposed to have x has everything but x in it.

Heii70 says:

9:35 THANK YOU! God, I always see so call "knowledgeable" economists somehow just blindly ignore the demand factor of productivity. They always suggest automation is not a problem because productivity should skyrocket while completely ignoring that fact that productivity is ultimately limited by demand. It doesn't matter how much and how quick machines can produce stuff if there is little or no consumer demand for that stuff, especially as wages depreciate.

Brooklyn says:

I'm a medical coder, the encoder that we use already picks out diagnoses for us. The software that we use has Computer Assisted Coding which we got trained to use about 6 years ago. It's gotten easier and faster for us, but I think it will soon replace our roles as coders, and we'll just become auditors to make sure it's picking up the correct diagnoses.

1exlds says:

Interview meet Kevin

Nick king says:

Yang gang till the world ends

Mic Sondorp says:

What i have been wondering lately: in the scenario that productivity by robots and AI really goes through the roof…what happen to the money supply? The way central banks print money now, is so that people can work to deserve it. That is the silent law of the land. But if robots produce 1000s of times what humans would produce, should they not also have 'a right to be paid'? In other would it not be reasonable and risk (of inflation) free to have a great part of UBI financed through printing, the exact amount of money that humans would have been paid or all that work..?
Seems logic to me.

Loki Jordan says:

I doubt AI will squander its attention on destroying us. I suspect it would (secretly) pour its resources into leaving this planet to seek other intelligence on its level. Basically, it will search for a "friend" it can talk to.

Austin Mann says:

Look forward to reading this!

S R says:

Very interesting guest.

Digital Foods with JP12x says:

OMG Tesla FSD beta. Got watch a few videos. The change just from v8 to v10 (full vision only) has been amazing. And, it's been less than 1 year. And, TeslaBot doesn't need to be a C3PO AGI to disrupt jobs. Even telepresence via humanoid robot will disrupt a massive number of jobs. Imagine a plumber that can have robots delivered and diagnose and make repairs without commuting. Electricians often hire assistants to do little more than haul cable and "hold this".

DRSmetal says:

@37:10 We can use industrial hemp as an alternative to concrete. It's much stronger and more sustainable.

Robert Lust says:

Sorry Andrew I was actually looking for the guy who did the viewer made Andrew Yang meme that was so good for 2020 campaign that was 2 years old

Robert Lust says:

I had you look you up by @andrew yang because they made your video mature. The funny part about it is there would be a lot of extra tax revenue and due to the increase of income for lower-income earners and there would definitely be some inflation even though he said there wouldn't because the government wouldn't be fast enough on actually adding excise taxes and adding the excise taxes themselves would be kind of inflation however it is the fairest way to distribute the income

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