The Future Of A.I. Is In The Hands Of Nine Companies. It’s Time To Take It Back. | Think | NBC News

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Movies like “Deus Ex Machina” and TV shows like “Westworld” have painted a picture of artificial intelligence that culminates in walking and talking humanoid robots. But the reality of artificial intelligence is all around us, in our phones, GPS systems and online. Amy Webb, author of “The Big Nine: How the Tech Titans and Their Thinking Machines Could Warp Humanity,” joined THINK to discuss how the future of A.I. is already here, and what we should do about it.
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The Future Of A.I. Is In The Hands Of Nine Companies. It’s Time To Take It Back. | Think | NBC News


Samuel I am says:

She missed Open AI, that would be Elon Musk's AI project. I wonder if there are any other AI companies whose efforts she decided not to include?

millitia says:

the reallity of AI is a control freak beast run for the corperations to keep us in check and take away our rights like guns

C M says:

AI is just statistics and algorithms

Chris Blair says:

There is no denying the usefulness of narrow AI, which is what is in most stuff today. Its AGI and ASI that needs seriously be watched and restricted. Once those cats are out the bag it will be hard to predict the outcome.

Jeremy Cole says:

It’s not A.I. that’s the puppet master it’s wicked spiritual forces in heavenly places,princes of the air. A.I. is the illusion man created out of his own pride its demons that have shaped and molded that to make men slaves.

Zealotism says:

Valentine disliked that.

Pohaku Mana says:

NOT! we don't need another agency, we need humans to UNPLUG!
That! would be called "waking up". I don't have AI because I have actual HI. Human Intelligence

Zach Marshello says:

This video presents some great points about the issues that surround AI today. I especially like the idea that it should be viewed as a public good, as it is a technology unlike any other in human history that has the ability to fundamentally change everything about the way that our society functions. If we, the people, don’t have a say in how this is modeled and implemented, even though it is OUR data that is driving it’s development, then that is a BIG problem.

Ultimately, AI has the ability to profoundly improve the future of humanity, but it is a conversation that regular people need to be a a part of. Too few people in regular society have any idea that AI is real and is a technology that is currently effecting so much of their everyday life.

myko freder says:

Just 20 years ago people lived without all this junk and many people live off the grid today, if you don't like it shut it off, don't buy it, being connected is not needed to live. Those large companies are actually safer than small ones because they are a lot less likely to misuse things for short term profits, they know they will get caught and when they do it damages their brand and that is one of the most important things they own. Is it really in a company like Facebook to make a little more money selling information and access to users to some foreign intelligence agency or political party, how much are they making and what will the fallout be when it comes out. You can't see the separation between a Communist Government and a phone maker and that is enough to take them off my buying list, there may be nothing wrong now but would someone in Europe buy iPhones if it was known there isn't much separating Apple and the CIA, and if needed they might operate as one.

Young Lee says:

We will loose lot of working.

Shakeel Anjum says:

I am waiting for the day when robots will do all works like cleaning house, growing food, providing security, cooking food, manufacturing, extraction, driving etc.

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