The Five Most Terrifying Robots in Google’s Arsenal

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) — Google has purchased animal-robot maker Boston Dynamics. From a robotic cheetah to a 330 pound robotic humanoid, Bloomberg takes a look at the five most terrifying creations designed by Boston Dynamics. (Source: Bloomberg)

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Charles Mc Hugh says:

The most terrifying machine google has is its AI that exploits the power of suggestion on the human brain. You could just murder Donald trump couldn't you, just a thought.

le paw says:

the five most time makers for humans Robots.

F says:

youre terrified of technological advancement?

Khspoon says:

Terrified of what robots are soon to become.

Josephtfc says:

that's not terrifying that's SCIENCE

nana Man says:

imagine this robots making weird sound chasing you

Denis Korotaev says:

для человека нету ничего не возможного-это только вопрос времени.

YankaRonin says:

Metal Gear.

YankaRonin says:

Metal Gear.

danijel124 says:

tests chemical protection suits…. thats like saying that roswell was a bunch of weather ballons 😉

ALI Hussein says:

the future is insane?

Shihao Chey says:


CSR Gaming 2 says:


SupremeChickenx says:

i love how we use usain bolt as a standard for even non-human speed

Fagner fagui says:

the true is that…. shadow government hides the truth the spirit world,making people perform religious practices, that the Father never asked,and make people bury or kill your salvation in disobeying the one who gave his life for us all. are the Religious Leaders that killed the Savior. are murderers and adorn the tombs of the righteous and say—> ''if it us had-we lived in the days of our ancestors, we would have not shed the blood of the prophets.'' Thus they testify against themselves, who are descendants of those who they murdered the true prophets.

angadik says:

10 years or so REX will be develop

Aphichat Sabai says:

hmmm, cheta with bombs on them. Run at tanks and booom.

Scott Cupp says:

PEt man is scary. Even though it is a machine, it is still scary. Imagine it walking around untethered

Brandon Evink says:

RHex is cute

Taki Minase says:

Rhex is not scary he's cute

DinkiDidog says:

So, when they can't find chemicals on you, they will decide that they can bring chemicals to you… to control you?!  Wonderful world.

matt smith says:

What happens when these machines become "self aware"?

rickster348 says:

– these's are all cool but the Jap's are way ahead.

Jay 'Ontario says:

Cyberdyne here we come

Alex John says:

Awesome job guys

Sieg Heil says:


Alfonso Padilla says:

Does anyone know the song's name?

SDU-Tango says:

Damn! I'm seeing some metal gear in the beginning.

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