The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence | Leah Avakian | TEDxYouth@EnglishCollege

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In today’s ever-changing and growing world, artificial intelligence is quickly becoming more integrated within our everyday lives. What happens when we give total control to sentient machines? Leah Avakian discusses the possibilities of such a scenario, and how apps as simple as Siri could have dangerous real-world consequences. N/A This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


David Williams says:

Sound quality is terrible

Stephen Oe says:

What an inteligent and biuutiful woman,

Michael Gainey says:

Who is Leah Avakian? What are her credentials/qualifications? Does TEDx think it's a good idea for people to evaluate the credibility of their sources of information? I do. I Googled Leah Avakian to try to find out more about her and didn't find anything. Should I trust a stranger on the internet (even if she is speaking on a TEDx stage)? A bio in the video description would help.

Rahn127 says:

Good practice for public speaking. We already have fairly good morals & ethics when it comes to the tools we use. Some people use those tools immorally. What do we do with a computer that doesn't save our documents or doesn't connect to the internet or randomly deletes programs it decides aren't necessary ? Answer – it becomes useless and it gets trashed. AI is a tool. It will always be a tool. When it stops being useful, it becomes useless.

Hopi Ng says:

Out of the mouths of babes. Said better than most. Good talk.

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