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In this video, GovBrain Founder and CEO Brent M. Eastwood discusses the ethics of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Dr. Eastwood explains how to ensure that the machine can ultimately be controlled by human beings. The importance of having ethical, moral, and virtuous human beings train the machine is paramount in this construct. Dr. Eastwood also talks about how the current status of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science can be used to conduct a Turing Test to determine that perhaps the state of the art is not as advanced as we think. Dr. Eastwood then takes a longer look at robotics and the ethics of singularity.

This video was part of the “With the Best Artificial Intelligence Conference” in September of 2016.



Henry R. Nau's Conservative Internationalism says:

Eastwood is way ahead of the pack on AI and Machine Learning and should be considered a leader in this field.

GovBrain says:

It was a lot of fun to do this!

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