The era of fake writing is upon us

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Computers just got a lot better at mimicking our language.

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Something big happened in the past year: Researchers created computer programs that can write long passages of coherent, original text.

Language models like GPT-2, Grover, and CTRL create text passages that seem written by someone fluent in the language, but not in the truth. That AI field, Natural Language Processing (NLP), didn’t exactly set out to create a fake news machine. Rather, it’s the byproduct of a line of research into massive pretrained language models: Machine learning programs that store vast statistical maps of how we use our language. So far, the technology’s creative uses seem to outnumber its malicious ones. But it’s not difficult to imagine how these text-fakes could cause harm, especially as these models become widely shared and deployable by anyone with basic know-how. Read more here:

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Vox says:

To learn more about this technology, and try it out yourself, check out the links in the description box. Thanks for watching! -joss

TruDragon88 says:

Vox, you guys are AMAZING . Never stop what you do

jon dogg says:

Maybe yoda was a prototype android and his ai language programme was dyslexic. Back to front his speech was. 😉

PMG4 User says:

Why the Apple IIGS on the thumbnail?

Patrick Wang says:

Isn’t that called a human?

florensix says:

Bruh, this would make writing essays for English class so easy.

gokul balagopal Payyanur says:

Humans control AI so we can train it to be good

Rory Green says:


Jake Mccallum says:

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Wando The Wonderful says:

Trump really used one of these models to run on his Twitter feed didn’t he.

tsubasa198 says:

Yo, why did Vox make a video about themselves.

Kevin Hauser says:

This is horrible content. And box gets millions from msm

Juan Cabrera says:

Blockchain is how you can verify an online identity.

daren martin says:

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This is what I've got by just clicking the suggested words. 👀

Joaquín Ramírez says:

I’m not a real person

Ling YT says:

Ever heard of A.I instagram bot profile

Ashirbad Behera says:

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Random Joe says:

0:42 there’s an overwatch reference

TeddyRuxpin says:

So we finally learned how Vice creates their bazaar news articles

Patrick Jenkins says:

"The only problem is that it's easier for them to write FICTION than to write FACTS."….As far as POLITICS go, that seems suspiciously convenient. 😳

incredulous kirk says:

"the only problem is that it's easier for them to write fiction than fact….." not unlike our American news media. 😂

Xavier Kumari says:

Wonder how society will react when robots get a computer virus

Eve Kohley says:

so what are left wing manifestos?

DaredevilZ says:

That explains the absurd answers on Yahoo answers

diulikadikaday says:

"Be sceptical about everything you read on the internet"
-Albert Einstein

Patricia Cárdenas says:

Well. This is terrifying.

TBNREnderman says:

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Playing Games says:

Quora now makes complete sense.

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