The end of humanity: Nick Bostrom at TEDxOxford

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Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom began thinking of a future full of human enhancement, nanotechnology and cloning long before they became mainstream concerns. Bostrom approaches both the inevitable and the speculative using the tools of philosophy, bioethics and probability.

Nick is Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University and founding Director of the Future of Humanity Institute and of the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology within the Oxford Martin School. He's also the co-founder and chair of both the World Transhumanist Association, which advocates the use of technology to extend human capabilities and lifespans, and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies.

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justgivemethetruth says:

I think we just need a technology that kills all the assholes, or puts them in prison and sterilizes them.

ROKlJH UI says:

Flawed calculations that assign no value to all other life including plant life, and zero value to the quality of human life.


Sorry for my English.

M KKrupp says:

Humans are like locusts. Their capacity for greed and expansion is limitless as they continue to destroy other species, both plant and animal. I hope nuclear war doesn’t eventuate because it will wipe out most of nature on our beautiful planet.
Hopefully, before that happens, nature will take care of the human locust problem by the emergence and spread of a quick acting killer human virus, a pandemic on steroids.

Hugo Ricard says:

That conference feels like a RL clickbait

farnorthhomested says:

maybe its time for a new world order. we could vote on someone, past or present to run the world. if its past, we could use dna and reclone him/her.

tyler durden says:

Sooo.. Forgive me of my ignorance😔 But what or who exactly is a "TED's Talk" .?😌

ClownBreeder Goyem says:

This assumes "saving" humans lives in the far future by reducing existential risk is a good thing. Think about the oceans of suffering those saved humans will have to endure simply by existing, how is saving such lives a good thing when preventing their births has zero downsides in terms of the net-suffering prevented?

Catch 22 says:

Amazing that it's no longer Religious fanatics saying the end is nigh, it's scientists.

edmond nelson says:

The probability is that it is a bunch of mind bogling existential Gobaldygook!

chairmanofrussia says:

“So far one individual hasn’t had the power to end humanity.”

Trump: Hold my beer!

Gary Lewis says:

what will happen is mass starvation because of global warming. James Lovelock said we can sustain 1 billion people. Guy Mcpherson predicks 100% extingtion by 2030. i think this is unrealistic. Lovelock's sinario is more.
realistic. In 1800 world population was 1 billion we will go back to that level. In Canada people could be more nomatic. back to fishing hunting and trapping. with pockets of high tech arround hydro dams and nuclear power stations. no more oranges from florida and no more bananas for Canadians. because no more oil. I think Guu Mcpherson will be right . for humans 1000 miles north and 1000 miles south of the equator. surface temps will be so high one could die at 100c no crops will grow above 40c. no water for california or the mid west. so in conclution humans will servive but under drastic conditions.

Al Ghanekar says:

If C happens, the result will be A.

Tim Quin says:

The flaw in Nick's logic is that "the number of humans alive" is not a value that means anything. He seems to think that the number of humans alive somehow correlates to the human species surviving, but that is not the case at all. In fact, you could make the opposite case, and argue that the more humans alive has lead to greater existential risks being created within our society via technology. More people is not less risky, and less people is not more risky. Nick often takes these myopic views in his arguements. Its not science, its phoilosophy or politics.

S S says:


Duggy Dugg says:

Don't know when the nuclear war will commence… I do know when the Financial War against us began 1913….
We are running on fumes… We are living in a house of cards… To wit, our government is broke it spends every f**** nickel it takes in… And what is far worse, government is in debt well over 20 trillion dollars….

How does government try to pay for this obscene debt? Why, taxes of course… You pay for this debt the treasury and fed res Bank Corporation have created… Created unconstitutionally… Created criminally… Created unnecessarily…

Roseann Sorrentino says:

I believe with China's one child policy which in the past couple years has been changed to two, the youngest male is in their mid 20s and oldest single virginal female is around 8???? soooo that's a huge dent in the population if China used to be one of the largest populations.. Abortion, birth control and vaccines are huge human killers.

Władca Wymiaru says:

Only theories from the sky, no RE examples…

Jim Sanders says:

You forgot FUCKASHEMA!!!

Massimo Gigante says:

C will never happen, there will always be survivors. But honestly, this is too much!

Carlos Hathcock says:

Egghead intellectual who is boring. The cardinal sin for rallying support for his arguments.

Herr Alleszermalmer says:

Dude, the solution to existential risks created by calculative/scientific thinking is not more calculative/scientific thinking.

Corbin Scott says:

Time travel worked in terminator

mr zed says:

Humans are overrated.

TheMabes69 says:

Somebody please stop these sociopaths!!!!

Gary Sugarman says:

Is there such a thing as "technological maturity"?

Berlherm E says:

The creation of an existence only serves those that already exist and nobody masters this creation. Once you have made a suffering being, how do you undo suffering? Make peace yourself before inviting me on your planet, do not ask me to do it for you, invite me to Earth when peace is made.

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