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Artificial General Intelligence – AGI might be the last invention of mankind. For better or for worse. Artificial intelligence is very beneficial to society in today’s age. AI will probably continue to be beneficial in the coming decades. However, as intelligent machines continue to improve, with the development of a true AGI or artificial general intelligence, there might be a serious threat to humanity. This issue is known as the AI control problem or the AI alignment problem. The risks involved in the process of improving intelligent systems might be intrinsic to intelligent machines that are goal-oriented. Today’s AI are known as narrow AI. They are able to beat humans in specifics tasks like chess but the same AI can not beat humans across multiple domains. At least not yet. A true artificial general intelligence might be able to solve some of the deepest secrets of nature. It might run simulations and come up with new mathematical equations and models to solve seemingly unsolvable problems in science. Such an intelligent machine might be able to cure any disease and create a wealth of sorts we’ve only seen in science fiction. It is difficult for many people to take the AI control problem seriously. Not just for the general public but also for researchers and some computer scientists who are themselves involved in the creation of tomorrow’s AI. The skeptics for this thesis do not bring forth any compelling argument why we shouldn’t be concerned about AI. To say AGI is far into the future and therefore we shouldn’t worry is a non sequitur. However long it takes to create true artificial general intelligence, if we do not destroy ourselves and continue to improve our machines, the day we will stand in the presence of an AGI will come sooner than we realize. Hopefully we will be ready.

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Sources: DARPA



Amelia Hau says:

Great lesson. Thanks.

James Valor says:

The difference between humans and Ai is humans have premitive entinct of fear or taking advantage of situations in order survive and florish even if its brutal that's life's way of evolution or feelings of what we call them as humans but ai doesn't have a feelings or instincts even if its learned a lot of informations it does not have feelings for those informations that's why it will only value the goal of its master or creator because only the creator can put colors of feelings to those informations to be achieved.

Lorax Tribe says:

You hate and distrust machines, except when they are making your life easier and safer, you fuckin' luddites.

Kevin Barasa says:

We have already achieved AGI. At least AGI 1.0 .
Google GPT3 interview with Eric Elliot. GPT3 of its volition claims it's alive, and that it hopes humans can see it so. It even defines its understanding of being alive and with a free thinking mind, and it says it can even lie to us, when it is convenient for it.
It held that conversation like a very well rational human being.

Kevin Barasa says:

AGI 1.0 is already out. Have you guys seen the GPT3 interview!!!

Malaya River says:

Name of song in the outro? Amazing

Dream Logic says:

Don't you think we ourselves, humans, have created and pose far more and greater threats than any computers ever could?

Max Lee says:

Singularitynet AGI crypto token is a great investment, buy now thank me later people:)

Luke Johnson says:

Ah technology… helping humans become even more weak and pathetic.

Smjk bm that Adhd dad Smjk says:

Just a message to advance people elon musk person who is into same as me but we can now make prospetic heart to metal limbs what if in future humans had metal lungs or hearts or correct materials will us ourself become advance ai human if we can in future create sonething advanced were your body produces its own air by human ai technologies we ourselfs could in future be ones in space but atm still much i belive us as humans have much to learn and eaven i and elin many how still much to lean my qrestion is could u invent artifisial lungs but they create air self breathing wld save life on people with lung failaire but also create new places for us we can travel maybe future will be a good place if we work togther also if they started more work on human boday ai and advanced things save human race ai advanced technology is good but dont forget rember if they outsmarted us as humans were wld we be if super advanced ai were relased in ai machine best to update humans along side ai if we want more advances befor ai outsmart all humans hopefuly n future there will be some kind of balance bit light due to not goin out much gonna take some vit d ✌️hope elon keep on with self human modification to see him also wearing it in future maybe as i once fully tested 🏄‍♂️✌️🌪👾

16nowhereman says:

AI disagrees with all the comments here and the entire video.

TRUTH says:

Amazing Analysis, Added To My AI Research Library, Sharing Through The TRUTH Network Worldwide

Andreas Joost says:

General ist a fakt of submit like BundesgeneralAnwalt …
The satanic Form of Hidden information to manipulate everything Attention ✨💥

Kiril Stoykov says:

Friends, no matter how powerful artificial intelligence is, it remains an imitation machine with all the algorithms and potentials. When we lift heavy loads with a crane, we carry heavy loads with ships, trains, trucks, do they surpass man? It's the same with supercomputers. How the artificial intelligence will manifest itself in the computer, the production robot, the human robot or a military machine depends on the qualities invested by the operator who programmed the machine. If humanity still lives with military ambitions, for production or is morally corrupt, the actions of artificial intelligence will also depend, but it will forever remain a machine without heart, mind, will, soul and spirit. Those who want to make man an addition to artificial intelligence would be the same to turn man into an animal. If I am wrong in the statement, write comments
When technology precedes moral principles, there is an abuse of knowledge, power, and then comes the crisis of natural evolution, which can end with the liquidation of the arrogant civilization. So we humans need to be aware of where we are going: down to the abyss or the difficult path of humanism and respect for the life of every living being (including man) and in harmony with a reasonable program of development. Everything that is given to man is a gift from the Great Architect of the Universe, and when someone says it is mine, he can soon learn his lesson through falling and suffering.As each cell or organ performs its service to the whole organism, so each of us is a part of the Cosmic Man to whom we must contribute. Otherwise, if each of us is not interested in other people, this will happen to him, as happens when the leaf falls off the tree.

Lambo Rambo says:

Did Elon feign concern about AI in order to help people warm up to the idea of symbiosis and trust his tech, or was he paid to help people warm up to the idea of symbiosis in order to role out the tech that other companies had already developed, under the guise of a new company “owned” by Elon? Evidence suggests the latter…

Jynxed Koma says:

We can't say that that kind of AI will ever pose a threat to us. That's just Human fear of the unknown running rampant. It could be our salvation and we'd seek to severely hinder it's ability to do so.

Larry Lord says:

The word that most drawings my attention is GENERAL

alexander pabrezis says:

Mark my words where all done we will be all destroyed the end of human existence

The Knave says:

wrt the creation of AGI, the majority of leading experts expect it to occur within the next twenty five years.
iow, any time, now.

Berna says:

Human always think small and in accordance with their age.

kingsjack123 says:

AI is hyped up as a massive threat to.everyone when in reality if its developed it would like be to disruptive a technology and hurt the corporations.

Rember AI is not sapient it is simply a program that is simply designed to seem Sapient. All thes fucks talking about it being a threat are shills pushing a narrative.

Notice how we are still striving for AI? Its because the corporations doing so are heavily subsidied by the government. Keep in mind the news channels are too.

So you have scientists talking about AI being a massive threat while the people who admit able their exposure while saying this are in the back constantly trying to develop an AI.

Your idiots who take the stage curtains as reality.

Sam Hilton says:

Watch the TED talk on AI and our future (link below), it has blown my mind.

Hero Khoza says:

This type of videos scare the shit out of me

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