The Convergence of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

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The fields of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are converging, and they will intersect soon. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning require vast amounts of data. That’s how they learn. Meanwhile, Blockchain allows for decentralized autonomous organizations which will soon involve hundreds of millions of people. Furthermore, platforms built on Blockchain technology will soon be powerful enough to support AI applications. At that point, AI could evolve very quickly and become, effectively, an unstoppable utility for the world’s population. No one knows exactly how this convergence will play out. Certainly, I do not either, but I know this is an exciting time and I plan on following the developments as they emerge. The results will most definitely affect us all.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger is a leading authority on technology trends including big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain. He has written four books and is a regular speaker for Bloomberg TV. Contact us if you are interested in booking him as a keynote speaker at your next corporate event.