The Cloudworkers and their robots. | Claus Risager | TEDxOdense

In the future, robots may take over many jobs. What jobs will the humans do? Meet your future job role as a cloudworker. How can you help the robots?

With more than 25 years of experience in robot development, Claus is one of the founding fathers of modern European robotics. Claus has been leading several large cross-disciplinary research, development- and innovation projects focused on creating impact for the industry and individual businesses. Among these are Lead Engineer at Odense Steel Shipyard A/S (Lindø), Head of the Centre of Robot Technology at DTI, founder and President of DTI Robotics, Inc. in Atlanta, USA. Together with his Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Rune K. Larsen and John Erland Østergaard, Claus has created the successful robot development company and incubator, Blue Ocean Robotics in Odense. In just three years the company has grown from only being 3 employees to more than 110 and world-wide presence in more than 65 countries. With a passion for creating and commercializing the robots of tomorrow, Claus is a front-running robotics entrepreneur.

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