The Best Windows 10 – Speech Recognition Tutorial – Speech To Text, LOTS of Editing Examples!

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TYPE WITH NO HANDS! To hear what you can say at anytime, say” what can I say.” This will open a link to the Microsoft voice commands reference sheet.
Republished video with LOUDER volume:

List of Windows 10 Speech Recognition Commands:

Lots of examples for speech to text, text editing, and voice navigation in Windows 10. How to configure settings, etc. Dragon Naturally Speaking Alternative.

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Saturday Science says:

Excellent tutorial. Can you advise how to force speech recognition to use a particular microphone? I get nowhere with Windows. It's not your fault but speech seems to depend on Cortana – as Cortana is not available in English (UK) Microsoft seems to deny us access to speech recognition.

Ryan Evans says:

Whatever happened to WSR Macros in Windows 10? Can I still get it to work? I had some nice macros written when I Was using Windows 7.

TEK Solutions says:


Mike Mashburn says:

Finally got around to enabling Win10 speech, thanks for the great intro.

Jay&Jen says:

Awesome video! Thank you so much!

Freddie Slaughter says:

hat is the best microphone to use for typing?

mike lutta says:

I'll download the video. Great resource. Thank you.


I viewed other videos first and did not find them very helpful. Your video made it so easy! Thank you!!!

elijah mccreight says:

Thank you very much. Microsoft apparently doesn't have anybody on board that can speak

RARM says:

Thank you! This video tutorial is appreciated.

Darren Scales says:

This is great. So why does my cortana stop dictating after about 10 seconds?

N Sacrum says:

You are the bomb! As a writer, this is invaluable!!

Samuel Reyes says:

Thanks for the information. Very useful.

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