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The Best Ai Startups in Europe

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The Best Ai Startups in Europe

ROBART GmbH – Austria, Linz. This startup provides artificial intelligence and navigation system such as software, electronics and IoT services.

GiniMachine – Belarus, Minsk. Company develops Ai credit scoring solution through machine learning algorithms.

Pick-it – Belgium, Heverlee. Focusing on developing a robot vision solution capable of allowing the robot to see, pick and place products.

A4everyone – Bulgaria, Sofia. Helps businesses to maximize the information from collecting data through analytical solutions.

DenCity – Croatia, Kruge. Blockchain platform which allows everyone to get in touch with this virtual reality.

L2P LIMITED – Cyprus, Limassol. Provides e-learning projects on the most popular games.

Incomaker – Czech Republic, Rozloky. Sales and marketing automation tool that allows small businesses to replace human work by Ai.

Uizard Technologies – Denmark, Copenhagen. An intuitive tool that allows you to build apps, websites and IT products in general thanks to Ai.

AdHive – Estonia, Tallinn. A platform that automates the placement of ads among influencers on Instagram and Youtube.

The Curious AI Company – Finland, Helsinki. This company makes an artificial brain which takes inspiration from human brains.

Snips – France, Paris. Voice platform that allows makers and companies to add a voice assistant to their products.

Konux – Germany, Munich. A unique tool for railway companies to use predictive maintenance by combining smart sensors and Ai data analytics.

Accusonus – Greece, Athens. An innovative technology in the digital audio field that provides novel software tools.

Synetiq – Hungary, Budapest. Businesses can use this tool to develop high performing video ads through machine learning and biometric emotional insights.

Aylien – Ireland, Dublin. It is AI, NLP and a machine learning tool that provides text analysis, API and content analysis solutions.

Nextome – Italy, Conversano. A platform that allows you to locate your position in enclosed spaces.

Tazi.ai – Istanbul, Sari-yer. This company deals with heterogeneous streaming and batch data that enables human, and machine intelligence to work together.

Alpha Visum – Latvia, Jurmala. Ai solutions for the investment analysis field.

Aiva Technologies – Luxembourg, Luxembourg. A tool to compose emotional soundtracks for any type of entertainment content.

3Duniversum – Netherlands, Amsterdam. Software that allows 3D scans and prints in real-time.

Boost AI – Norway, Stavanger. A software company that provides a virtual assistant software.

Synerise – Poland, Kraków. This startup has developed an Ai Growth Cloud to generate ROI.

Unbabel – Portugal, Lisbon. A platform that provides translation services to any businesses.

Marionette Studio – Romania, Iasi. The company provides a smart and easy tool that produces animated characters and environments.

Photoneo – Slovakia, Bratislava. This company deals with 3D scanning technology to advance computer vision to a higher quality.

Red Points – Spain, Barcelona. The company´s focus is on the digital environment. Through their own technology they identify violations and infringements.

Noomi – Sweden, Stockholm. An e-health systems based on AI to improve the lives of elderly people who need care and security.

Starmind – Switzerland, Küsnacht. Organizations can use this tool to provide knowledge across existing organizational boundaries, involving all employees in real time.

TechMagic – Ukraine, Lviv. A software that is able to help startups and established businesses to develop remote dedicated teams.

Tessian – Tessian provides an email security platform to automatically block cybersecurity menaces.

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