Text Classification – Natural Language Processing With Python and NLTK p.11

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Now that we understand some of the basics of of natural language processing with the Python NLTK module, we’re ready to try out text classification. This is where we attempt to identify a body of text with some sort of label.

To start, we’re going to use some sort of binary label. Examples of this could be identifying text as spam or not, or, like what we’ll be doing, positive sentiment or negative sentiment.

Playlist link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLZvOKSCkxY&list=PLQVvvaa0QuDf2JswnfiGkliBInZnIC4HL&index=1

sample code: http://pythonprogramming.net


FS18IF032 says:

2020 batch Present sir

Elements of Arah says:

what kind of variable types do I need in my for loop if I want to make my own categories and own file of word

the double for loop is vague to me because I have no idea what fileid actually does

Sajal Vasal says:

That is kind of English Language.. Like Literally .. lol

Ezequias Rocha says:

Make a video with the word2vec library please!

Pradyumn Bhardwaj says:

can anyone explain why the neg category output wasn't printed ? Both the category words should've been printed as movie_reviews.categories has 2 categories pos and neg.

Chabbitatwik says:

Sir where to kept that file the document file

Gels says:

sir may I ask what is the fileid for?

Talluri Naga Poornima says:

Suppose if I have a directory of files and images and videos, using NLP i should train the model such that by passing a text message I have to access that file directly

shalini sahni mankatalia says:

i have been programming for a few years now but i don't know how do i become an expert in the language. pls help

Aditya Rawat says:

Can you please tell us where do you learn all this stuff? It will be really helpful

Parth Padhiar says:

where is the positive and negative text files

Brandon Janes says:

Great tutorials!
I am trying to create a classifier similar to this one but using a labeled pandas data frame with WhatsApp messages, in place of the movie_reviews corpus. I am stuck on the step of creating this list you call documents (very important!). All I want to know is if this type of list would be possible from a dataset of labeled messages?

Amit Sharma says:

Error := "FreqDist" pbject is not callable, please help

Learn Something says:

so, please explain whaat is FreDist() working ?

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