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The new Terminator movie comes out on July 1. Would we ever see killer robots so advanced? Probably. But looking at DARPA’s 2015 robot challenge, it looks like it’s going to take a looong time. Just don’t laugh too loud or they will kill come back to kill you in a couple of decades.

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Mandraquex3000 says:

those are the humanoid robots… lets see the tank, flying, and horselike robots

MrUranium238 says:

looks like they were running the drunk program

tuang hui yi says:

I hate A.I system

supergenius18 says:

what is everyone's obsession with creating a humanoid robot?

Superdave OZY says:

Can't rush perfection. The human body is incredibly complex and creating a machine that can imitate a human is still a massive challenge.

Тарас Жиганов says:

whats name of this music please!!!

Goran A. says:

Laugh while you still can…

Ken VeganFrugahore says:

This is just dick heads fuck arsing about . The monetary system and patient system comes with any thing and every thing , if want to go commecial have 100's of millions of patients can't infringe on , which makes it nightmare to do absolutely anything at all , took Edison 10,000 goes to invent the light bulb and every single one of them worked , he just invent one that wasn't already patented and fitted in with laws every thing else , it's a nightmare .One of the Nobel prize winners , took him 30 solid years before he found a single problem in existence that had not being solved . This video is cherry picking the worst . Come over to the hover bikes we having fun over there , learn a little python coding and start making any shit you like . Send you software bot in to battle on the stock market , but it is a pretty hectic fight when its rigged and its just bat shit insane robots fighting each other .

Dan O' says:

Do they even watch the movies before making these videos? It was SKYNET that they created, not the actual fucking robots ! And that break through could be just around the corner.

RolandMcGruner says:

Actually, serious predictions of game changing stuff taking place are set between 2030 – 2080, so it's possible you'll live to experience some intense change.

If the theories and forecasts are anything close… you have no idea how crazy real it is..

Here's an extremely interesting and concise (for the subject) article about it:

magus1d14 says:

Yer cant fool me! I've what those robots that's been build by that Chinese farmer is capable of!!!

Robert Stokes says:

Actually if we want a real idea of how far things have come look at robots built for entertainment. There are several in Japan that are closer to I robot than these are to Terminator.

8 Films says:

If artificial killers are made, they will most likely look like dogs.

John Capehart says:

The stretcher lmao!

woff woff says:

yes we are a fair bit off.. very funny .. (benny hill)

Mike Becker says:

The ones above ground are…

Lamaman says:

They are just pretending… They wait until the exact right moment to strike!

Cylus J. Paul says:

Just take a look at ATLAS from Boston Dynamics and you will see we're closer than you might thought ..

Kenny Yee says:

And… what about Boston Dynamics?

Gene Lariv says:

No robot will ever look as badass as the original T-800 endoskeleton.

whywhyman says:

y are just fucking with us!

Sean Wilson says:

I guess I am the only one who has seen the military created robots because these are miles behind. And in a few years even these home made robots will be pretty amazing. These looks like they were made by teenagers who skipped into prestigious colleges.

Dogman says:

or so they want me to believe…

Frank Drebbin says:

Hey, Uncle Benny never told me he had Robots!!!

MrLalasd says:

Asimo is the best robot.

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