TensorFlow Extended (TFX): Machine Learning Pipelines and Model Understanding (Google I/O'19)

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This talk will focus on creating a production machine learning pipeline using TFX. Using TFX developers can implement machine learning pipelines capable of processing large datasets for both modeling and inference. In addition to data wrangling and feature engineering over large datasets, TFX enables detailed model analysis and versioning. The talk will focus on implementing a TFX pipeline and a discussion of current topics in model understanding.

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Speaker(s): Kevin Haas , Tulsee Doshi , Konstantinos Katsiapis

T02F52 event: Google I/O 2019; re_ty: Publish; product: TensorFlow – TensorFlow Extended; fullname: Tulsee Doshi;


Jugs Ma马家杰 says:

"Learning from the pitfall of others is very much important to build your own system"

Bin Wang says:

pickled tree in a flask, up and running less than an hour 🙂

bumbum says:

Where’s the slide view? Oh saw a quick pullback 🙂

ThreeCube says:

This presents more ways to lock-in yourself to Tensorflow.

Q says:

Is there sample code available for all of this somewhere?

Michael Mantion says:


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