Technologies of the Future | Sadhguru and Michio kaku (2018) LIVE from Russia

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Technologies of the Future | Sadhguru and Michio kaku (2018) LIVE from Russia

Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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vlad games says:

52:50 only the indian dude was enjoying.. rest r dead meat 🦧

Slim Shady A.k.a Marshal says:

Germ Warfare and China has launched some.

Dream Tower Media says:

I've been a fan of Kaku for awhile. But I have to say he sounds like a marketing guy for the tech industry here. And the idea that education will stop divisiveness and conflict and prejudice is certainly not proven by history. His mention of the need for wisdom was the only thing that saved his talk from being fully a utopian technology promotion. The idea of merging with artificial life is insane, and will eventually be seen to be a dystopian nightmare. The only way we could merge with something without destroying ourselves is if we were able to create life on a biological level of the human being. We don't even know what WE really are or what consciousness is. How can we possibly create life and consciousness? The talk of people growing weary of a super-long technologically created life separate from nature, that the end of biological life being a natural part of the Life process, and of the inequity of things brought up good points. As for inequity among people being natural, though, is simply an idea we've developed, and the idea that it's natural is complete nonsense, and used to maintain a power structure with a few in power ruling over others.

Dan Hall says:

Sadhguru is very wise but some people wish they had the dull knife because we wish we could be more naive and believe the things we used to believe and yet we want the sharp knife which causes us pain and so it is that we choose pain for understanding and not peace nobody chooses peace it's natural law.

Kaatupoochi & co says:

SADHGURU missed out on the other two types of memory…READ ONLY MEMORY and RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY
Nah I'm just kidding, the statements that those gentlemen say are so adequate

Shreya Pandey says:

Kaku:we realised that god of mythology were also foolish they spent most of the their time making trick on each other and creating problem.
Indian history of gods: hold my bear🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Brighid Dannan says:

@Michio kaku what you are fundamentally describing are specific and deliberate ways to counteract the burgeoning movement of millions of human beings from around the glob who are wide awake, coming together for the soul intention of forming a collective consciousness – one again united, reclaiming our place in the cosmos as divine spiritual beings – no longer being subjugated by the 1% !
It feels what you are describing is the ultimate kind of enslavement

s kapali says:

Nothing is new in what juggi says.

riki rex says:

just look ad the audience and you'll know that human kind doesn't have a chance. Give them stand up comedy on any day. The best listeners are the ones watching this video not the ones attending it that are just there to get a clue on what to invest their money on.

Ayan Chakraborty says:

3:00 is a joke in Y-21

Arcenol says:

Why all sleep

The Wired GuY says:

Pehle ped kaato,,buldings banao fir garmi badhe to Ac cooler invent karo,, jo again global warming badhaye….this is vicious cycle of science ..likewise pehle deadly weapons invent karo fir usse warzone me soldiers apang ho jaye to exosceleton bna do..yapee wat a great invention.

Shaliza LaCombe says:

this is a pathetic excuse of failing to access our own capabilities…as the mystic said…if we only knew how super our bodies are made, what we could do with it and most importantly…how to access it…we wouldn't look for external reliance…and misuse intelligence of robots…I am all for evolution but not at the expense of human life…if it boils down to that

Gray Matter says:

What an honor to be there and listen to these amazing minds… and yawn.

Rodrigo Diaz says:

Michio Kau: Technology can only move forwards not backwards.
Tenet: Hi.

Saqlain Mostaque says:

Michio Kaku❤️

Nikhil Bhardwaj says:

Sadhguru can speak for hours from Artificial intelligence to needle

Indi 1st says:

There is wisdom in death.

Abdul Saifee says:

What we need is a separation from material world learn to laugh simple Life we don't need the Greek gods we need Lord Jesus Christ.

Alex Manga says:

Sadhguru ☝️✨

blackBharat says:

Who Rocks 🔥
Sadhguru OR kaku

የሚኒሊክ ልጅ - አቤ says:

I wish this meeting is Micho vs Osho … omg

zaherin rais says:

Sadhguru is a man of wisdom..!!

Christopher Rognalsen says:

Everyone looks depressed. Either that or very serious. I'm not sure which.

arshad khan says:

Sadhguru is more intelligent then all other guests. I challenge no one as intelligent and intellectual in whole western world as sadguru is.Hats Off you are
perfect sadguru ji

Labhesh Haria says:


Labhesh Haria says:


Ling Narzihary says:

I call dips on bumblebee

Prakhar Rai says:

[POV] u realised during The INTRODUCTION from Kaku that we have been so Busy on making useless things Right that Humans forgot about WHY It all BEGAN!!!!!!

Vinod S M says:

The host might be sponsered by IPHONE😂😂😂
always using iphone as a example

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