Professor Toby Walsh UNSW Finalist – 2022 Celestino Eureka Prize for Promoting Understanding of Science A world-renowned authority in artificial intelligence, Professor Toby Walsh explores subjects as diverse as self-driving cars and autonomous weapons. From TV and books to academic forums, he leads national and international debate about our AI-driven future: what it will look like, how we can prepare and what we should be trying to prevent. The information contained in this video represents the views and opinions of the original creators and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the Australian Museum.
Are you going to be replaced by a machine? Could a robot really be curious? Or experience love? Could a computer plot evil? Some really smart people think machines will achieve not just human but super human consciousness. Oxford professor of mathematics John Lennox and Baylor University computer engineer Robert J. Marks disagree. In this episode of Science Uprising they explain that non-algorithmic properties are solely attributes of humans. Computers will never show the creativity, empathy, or love that human beings do. Catch up with other episodes of Science Uprising, plus bonus video interviews with experts from each episode at Experts featured in this episode: Robert J. Marks is Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Baylor University. Marks is a Fellow of both the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Optical Society of America. He is also director of the Walter Bradley Center for Human and Artificial Intelligence and hosts the Mind Matters podcast for the Bradley Center. John Lennox is emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, an internationally renowned speaker and author of several books on the interface of science, philosophy and religion. Jay Richards, PhD, is Director, Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family and William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute. He is the author or co-author of numerous books, including The Human Advantage; Privileged Planet; The Hobbit Party; and Money, Greed, and God. Selmer Bringsjord is [More]
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Artificial Intelligence – From Science Fiction to Reality: Strategies, Challenges & Best-Practices for Cities AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks… These concepts sound like they are just out of the lab. However, several governments are using these data-driven systems to operate infrastructure, inform or take decisions. By analysing a number of real-world AI applications in cities (directly with those using them) as well as the policy frameworks cities are putting in place to guarantee an ethical use, participants will gain insight to evaluate not just the benefits, but also the risks and ways to address them in advance. The session will discuss with practitioners from leading cities how AI systems are currently used in urban contexts, and how they are tackling the challenges and risks associated to their use. Follow the Creative Bureaucracy Festival ————– Official Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: About the Creative Bureaucracy Festival ————– The Creative Bureaucracy Festival is the largest festival in the world that brings together innovators in the public sector across all sectors and levels. It has been held in Berlin every year since 2018 and has since inspired partner events around the world. In 2020 and 2021, the event with 400 speakers and 150 sessions was purely digital, gathering up to 18,000 minds and ideas over a week. Central to each day was the Highlight Hour, where festival president Charles Landry and television journalist Astrid Frohloff presented the day’s highlights.
AI has the potential to add $16 trillion global economy by 2030, but adoption has been slow. While we understand the power of AI, many of us aren’t sure how to fully unleash its potential. Join Robert Thomas and Tim O’Reilly to learn that the reality is AI isn’t magic. It’s hard work. There’s no wand to be waved at enterprise inefficiencies, and having the technology alone is not enough. AI breakthroughs will come with mass experimentation, and while many of those experiments will fail, the successful ones will have substantial impact. AI can help you, your business, your employees, and your customers, but you need a prescriptive approach to harness its power and put AI to work. Subscribe to O’Reilly on YouTube: Follow O’Reilly on: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: LinkedIn:
How seriously is the data science industry taking the issue of bias in machine learning? In this clip taken from a recent CareerFoundry live event senior Data Scientist Tom Gadsby will share some thoughts on the matter! Want more content like this? Check out CareerFoundry’s events page for more deep dive data based content, and much more: — Looking to start a career in Data? Take your first steps with CareerFoundry’s free data analytics short course: Want a deeper dive on some key UX topics? Check out CareerFoundry’s blog here: Thanks for watching! #DataAnalytics #DataScience #Shorts Want more from CareerFoundry? Check out our other social media channels and blog here: 🔍​ For more information on our programs, visit us at: 🖥 Data Science – Bias In Machine Learning Algorithms
#datascience #aiethics #techforgood Increasingly, data and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are involved with everyday decisions in business and society. From tools that sort our online content feeds to online image moderation systems and healthcare, algorithms power our daily lives. But with new technologies come questions about how these systems can be used for good – and it is up to data scientists, software engineers and entrepreneurs to tackle these questions. To learn about issues such as ethical AI and using technology for good, we speak with Rayid Ghani, professor in the Machine Learning Department of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and former Chief Scientist at Obama for America 2012. Professor Ghani has an extraordinary background at the intersection of data science and ethics, making this an exciting and unique show! — The conversation includes these important topics: — About Rayid Ghani and technology for good — Why is responsible AI important? — What are the ethical challenges in data science and AI? — What is the source of bias in AI? — What are some examples of AI ethical issues in healthcare? — What is the impact of culture in driving socially responsible AI? — How can we address human bias when it comes to AI and machine learning? — How can we avoid human bias in AI algorithms and data? — What skills are needed to create explainable AI and focus on AI ethics and society? — What kinds of [More]
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AROUND THE CORNER | SEASON 1 – EPISODE 5 Artificial Intelligence making Science Fiction A Reality. The Holy Grail of modern tech and the wellspring of sci-fi dreams and nightmares alike. It changes the world a little more each day. From predictive analytics, data mining, machine learning and more. AI works in everything from retail to manufacturing to saving the planet. Find out more – Around the Corner. #artificialintelligence #ai #futuretechnology Created & Produced By: Powered By: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~~ Don´t forget to leave your comments below and to support the channel by liking the video and subscribing. Thanks! Subscribe To Around The Corner ➡ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~~-~–~ WATCH NEXT 👇 ✅ Green Hydrogen: Could It Be The Future Of Energy? ✅ Telematics: Driving With Technology ✅ The Key To Saving The Planet: Sustainable Aviation ✅ Genomics: Is The Future In Our Genes Guest Speakers ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ Patrick Bangert VP of Artificial Intelligence, Samsung SDS America Fausto Artico Global R&D Tech Head and Director of Innovation and Data Science, Innovation Hub (R&D Tech), GlaxoSmithKline Shekeb Naim Associate Vice President, MarketsandMarkets Sources ▀▀▀▀▀▀ Dr. Tawfik Jelassi, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information Joe Rogan – Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence 👋 Connect With Us ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ 👉 Facebook: 👉 Instagram: 👉 Twitter: 👉 LinkedIn: #aroundthecorner #aroundthecornerdemystified FAIR USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ This video and Youtube channel in general may contain certain copyrighted works that were not specifically authorised to be [More]
Why is there often confusion surrounding where to start when it comes to approaching a career in AI or data science? There are many intersections and overlaps between AI and data science. AI has numerous subsets, like Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). With many career opportunities in both fields, there are lots of conflicting perspectives on educational paths for starting a career in one of these fields. Join Simplilearn on Thursday, October 29, 2020, at 9 PM IST (8:30 AM PDT) for a talk with Ronald van Loon, CEO of Intelligent World and a Simplilearn Advisory Board member. Ronald will give you insights into: 1. The main differences between AI and Data Science 2. The industries and types of companies hiring Data Science and AI professionals 3. The most popular and in-demand types of careers in both fields 4. Fundamental learning and educational paths that can help people choose which career path is best for them 5. Specific examples of educational paths for a career in data science and for a career in AI 🔥Free AI Course: 🔥Free Data Science : ✅Subscribe to our Channel to learn more about the top Technologies: ⏩ Check out the Artificial Intelligence training videos: #ArtificialIntelligenceCareer #DataScieneCareer #ArtificialIntelligenceAndDataScienceJobOpportunities #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #SimplilearnAI #RiseofAI #FutureOfAI#Simplilearn Simplilearn’s Artificial Intelligence course provides training in the skills required for a career in AI. You will master TensorFlow, Machine Learning and other AI concepts, plus the programming languages needed to design [More]
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Python Machine Learning Tutorial – Learn how to predict the kind of music people like. 👍 Subscribe for more Python tutorials like this: 👉 The CSV file used in this tutorial: 🚀 Learn Python in one hour: 🚀 Python (Full Course): Want to learn more from me? Courses: Twitter: Facebook: Blog: #Python, #MachineLearning, #Jupyter TABLE OF CONTENT 0:00:00 Introduction 0:00:59 What is Machine Learning? 0:02:58 Machine Learning in Action 0:05:45 Libraries and Tools 0:10:40 Importing a Data Set 0:17:01 Jupyter Shortcuts 0:22:53 A Real Machine Learning Problem 0:26:09 Preparing the Data 0:29:15 Learning and Predicting 0:33:20 Calculating the Accuracy 0:39:41 Persisting Models 0:42:55 Visualizing a Decision Tree
🔥 Enroll for FREE Machine Learning Course & Get your Completion Certificate: This Machine Learning Algorithms video will help you learn what is Machine Learning, various Machine Learning problems and the algorithms, key Machine Learning algorithms with simple examples and use cases implemented in Python. The key Machine Learning algorithms discussed in detail are Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest and KNN algorithm. Below topics are covered in this Machine Learning Algorithms Tutorial: 00:00 – 03:39 Machine Learning example and real-world applications 03:39 – 04:40 What is Machine Learning? 04:40 – 06:14 Processes involved in Machine Learning 06:14 – 09:40 Type of Machine Learning Algorithms 09:40 – 10:04 Popular Algorithms in Machine Learning 10:04 – 29:10 Linear regression 29:10 – 52:49 Logistic regression 52:49 – 01:04:45 Decision tree and Random forest 01:04:52 – 01:10:28 K nearest neighbor Dataset Link – What is Machine Learning? Machine Learning is an application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. Various machine learning algorithms are used to train models that can solve business problems. Linear regression, Logistic regression, Decision tree, Random forest, and K nearest neighbors are some of the popular machine learning algorithms used in the industries. Subscribe to our channel for more Machine Learning Tutorials: Download the Machine Learning Career Guide to explore and step into the exciting world of Machine Learning, and follow the path towards your dream career- Machine Learning [More]
The College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences at the University of California, Riverside is proud to present the 2022 Science Lecture Series entitled Big Data Science. The third of this four-part is Tuesday, April 19, with Dr. Mark Alber, UC Riverside Distinguished Professor of Mathematics, with a presentation on Computational Modeling and Digital Twin of a Patient. Fueled by breakthrough technology developments, the biological, biomedical, and behavioral sciences are now collecting more data than ever before. There is a critical need for time- and cost-efficient strategies to analyze and interpret these data to advance human health. The recent rise of machine learning as a powerful technique to integrate multimodality, multifidelity data, and reveal correlations between intertwined phenomena presents a special opportunity in this regard. This technique is incredibly successful in image recognition with immediate applications in diagnostics including electrophysiology, radiology, or pathology, where clinicians have access to massive amounts of annotated data. However, machine learning often performs poorly in prognosis, especially when dealing with sparse data. Multiscale computational modeling is a successful strategy to integrate multiscale, multiphysics data and uncover biological mechanisms that explain the emergence of function. However, multiscale modeling alone often fails to efficiently combine large datasets from different sources and different levels of resolution In this lecture, Dr. Alber will demonstrate that machine learning and multiscale modeling can naturally complement each other to create robust predictive models that can provide new insights into disease mechanisms, help identify new targets and patient specific treatment strategies, and inform decision [More]
CENTURY had the pleasure of speaking with Sir Dermot Turing, Alan Turing’s nephew, about Alan’s legacy and how science and AI skills can be fostered in schools. Sir Dermot is the acclaimed author of Prof, a biography of his uncle, The Story of Computing, and most recently X, Y and Z – the real story of how Enigma was broken. Learn more about these and more at Learn more about CENTURY, the award-winning AI-powered learning tool, at
Reality behind data science jobs. Is machine learning really cool? 🌎 Website: 🎥 Codebasics Hindi channel: #️⃣ Social Media #️⃣ 🔗 Discord: 📸 Instagram: 🔊 Facebook: 📱 Twitter: 📝 Linkedin (Personal): 📝 Linkedin (Codebasics): 🔗 Patreon: ❗❗ DISCLAIMER: All opinions expressed in this video are of my own and not that of my employers’.
7604818524, 9488042210 #ArtificialIntelligence and Robotics | Career in AI | Complete Details Super Smart Artificial Intelligence and the Future | A New Era of Artificial Intelligence How To Become An Artificial Intelligence Engineer | AI Engineer Career Path And Skills How To Become An Artificial Intelligence Engineer | #AIEngineer Career Path And Skills B Tech #ArtificialIntelligenceandData Science in 2021 Higher Studies Career Selection in Tamil Google Free Artificial Intelligence Certification Course | Get Foreign University Certificate Free 🔥Artificial Intelligence Tamil 2018 | Artificial Intelligence இலவசமாக படிக்கலாம் | Tamil #AI jobs vacancy Liked videos SUBSCRIPTIONS B.Tech. in AI & #DataScience AI Certification – Artificial Intelligence Classes Industry Endorsed & Practical Learning via Projects & Case Studies. Meet an Expert Today. Live… Artificial Intelligence and Robotics | Career in AI AI VS ML VS DL VS Data Science #AIMachineLearning Basics | What Is #MachineLearning? | Introduction To Machine Learning |
5 Essential end to end data science projects for a data scientist resume. 3 of these projects are machine learning projects and 2 of them are power bi, tableau dashboarding BI projects. These are end to end data science, machine learning projects that will look very good on your resume. All of these projects are free and available on youtube along with the code. at 11:08 I have discussed important tips to generate new project ideas for data science and machine learning. ***This video is sponsored by Udemy, a popular e-learning platform. Get up to 80% off on your udemy course purchase by using below links, Udemy: Here are few courses that I recommend for learning Power BI and Tableau. Power BI Up and Running: Complete Power BI Intro: Tableau: (Note: I earn some affiliate commission when you buy above courses) 🤝 Support my youtube channel by buying a data science, coding 👕 T-shirt: ⭐️ Timestamps ⭐️ 00:00 Introduction 00:56 Power BI, Tableau project to generate sales insights 03:09 Power BI project for personal finances 04:28 Machine learning project: Classification 06:20 Machine learning project: Regression 08:58 Deep learning project in Tensorflow 11:08 3 Tips to generate data science project ideas Projects playlists: Sales insights (Power BI): Sales insights (Tableau): Personal finance dashboard (Power BI): Classification Project: Regression Project: Deep Learning Project: 🎥 Codebasics Hindi channel: #️⃣ Social Media #️⃣ 🔗 Discord: 📸 Instagram: 🔊 Facebook: [More]
The people who own the Dwave video at 45:46 – 46:59 have claimed copyright, so there might be ads. Use adblock 🙂 Occult Mission patches – Through The Looking Glass …and Beyond – Predicting The FUTURE To Stop Global Disaster? – A.I., Meditation & “Nonduality” – Sophia and LOVING AI Project – Meditation Session – Geordie Rose – Quantum Computing: Artificial Intelligence Is Here – “Christ Consciousness” Debunked By Jesus –
As the director of the Strategic Technology Office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (or DARPA), Timothy leads the office in development of breakthrough technologies to enable war fighters to field, operate, and adapt distributed, joint, multi-domain combat capabilities at continuous speed. He is also founder and president of Fortitude Mission Research LLC and spent several years as a senior intelligence officer with the CIA. Here he illustrates the concept of Mosaic Warfare, in which individual warfighting platforms, just like ceramic tiles in a mosaic, are placed together to make a larger picture. This philosophy can be applied to tackle a variety of human challenges including natural disasters, disruption of supply chains, climate change, pandemics, etc. He also discusses why super AI won’t represent an existential threat in the foreseeable future, but rather an opportunity for an effective division of labour between humans and machines (or human-machine symbiosis). *** Download article from the Scientific Video Protocols website: Scientific Video Protocols is the first full open-access peer-reviewed video journal publishing in 4k cinematic quality. Contact us for submissions:​ *** CONNECT: – Subscribe to this YouTube channel – Support on Patreon: – Spotify: – Apple Podcast: – LinkedIn: – Website: – Minds: #bullaki #science #podcast #jadc2 #mosaic #warfare *** Featured in Forbes: by David Hambling: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, better known as DARPA, has been dubbed the Pentagon’s ‘department of mad science.’ Set up response the Soviet Union’s surprise launch [More]
🔥 Data Science Master Program (Use Code “𝐘𝐎𝐔𝐓𝐔𝐁𝐄𝟐𝟎”): This Edureka Data Science Full Course video will help you understand and learn Data Science Algorithms in detail. This Data Science Tutorial is ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to master Data Science Algorithms. Below are the topics covered in this Data Science for Beginners tutorial video: 00:00 Agenda 2:44 Introduction to Data Science 9:55 Data Analysis at Walmart 13:20 What is Data Science? 14:39 Who is a Data Scientist? 16:50 Data Science Skill Set 21:51 Data Science Job Roles 26:58 Data Life Cycle 30:25 Statistics & Probability 34:31 Categories of Data 34:50 Qualitative Data 36:09 Quantitative Data 39:11 What is Statistics? 41:32 Basic Terminologies in Statistics 42:50 Sampling Techniques 45:31 Random Sampling 46:20 Systematic Sampling 46:50 Stratified Sampling 47:54 Types of Statistics 50:38 Descriptive Statistics 55:52 Measures of Spread 55:56 Range 56:44 Inter Quartile Range 58:58 Variance 59:36 Standard Deviation 1:14:25 Confusion Matrix 1:19:16 Probability 1:24:14 What is Probability? 1:27:13 Types of Events 1:27:58 Probability Distribution 1:28:15 Probability Density Function 1:30:02 Normal Distribution 1:30:51 Standard Deviation & Curve 1:31:19 Central Limit Theorem 1:33:12 Types of Probablity 1:33:34 Marginal Probablity 1:34:06 Joint Probablity 1:34:58 Conditional Probablity 1:35:56 Use-Case 1:39:46 Bayes Theorem 1:45:44 Inferential Statistics 1:56:40 Hypothesis Testing 2:00:34 Basics of Machine Learning 2:01:41 Need for Machine Learning 2:07:03 What is Machine Learning? 2:09:21 Machine Learning Definitions 2:!1:48 Machine Learning Process 2:18:31 Supervised Learning Algorithm 2:19:54 What is Regression? 2:21:23 Linear vs Logistic Regression 2:33:51 Linear Regression 2:25:27 [More]